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Wimax Vs WiFi – Comparison of Wimax and WiFi

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Wimax technology is a standard based wireless technology which is used to provide internet access and multimedia services at very high speed to the end user. The Wifi technology is still using local area network (LAN) for the predictable future. Wimax and wifi differences are very simple as below.

Wimax & Wi-Fi Comparison

  • The basic difference between Wimax technology and Wifi technology are cost, speed, distance and so on. Wimax coverage is about 30 miles and Wifi coverage is very limited to some small area.
  • Wimax network just as an ISP without any cable because Wimax singnal used to get access to internet to your home or business, while Wifi will be used inside in your local area network (LAN) for access to the internet.
  • The Wimax architecture is design to make possible metropolitan area networking (MAN). The base station of Wimax capable to provide access to business and hundred of homes, While Wifi is providing only local area networking (LAN).
  • The deployments of Wimax and Wifi network are same both ISP would have their T3 access. The line of sight antennas used to connect tower in Wimax technology. The tower shared out the non line of sight to MAN.
  • The line of sight antennas for Wimax network operate at 60 MHz frequency while the tower having non – line of sight operate on a range just like the WiFi.
  • The base or tower station of Wimax will beam a signal to receiver of Wimax. Similarly Wifi access point transport signal to the receiving device.
  • Wimax network providing QoS (Quality of Service) therefore a large number of people get access to tower at the same time. The built in algorithm automatically transfer the user to other tower or cell of Wimax station. Unlike Wifi user have to sort of fight to stay on connected with a specified access point.
  • The most significant issue of Wimax and WiFi difference is pricing because Wimax is a high cost network, while Wifi is a low cost network therefore mostly people adopt WiFi network due to less expenditure and avoid Wimax due to expensive installations.
  • WiMax will not put out of place WiFi in the home because WiFi is much better in speed and technology. With the passage of time new improvement brings a new variant in 802.11.Wimax offering high speed but if a client exists away from tower or base station speed could decreases.
  • Wimax offer high speed internet as a broadband access which transfer data, voice, video at very high speed. While WiFi offer short range of data transfer because WiFi can connect only in specified areas so only file sharing may possible.
  • Wimax design for long range distance in licensed spectrum or unlicensed spectrum. Wimax support point to point or point to multipoint connection. Multiple standard of wimax such as 802.16e, 802.16b for mobile connectivity from fixed location. While WiFi offer quality services to fixed Ethernet where packets are precedence on their tag. Hotspots of WiFi are usually backhauled over ADSL in small business, café etc therefore to get access is normally highly challenging. The uploading speed of wifi as compared to Wimax also very low rate among internet and router.
  • Wimax network execute a connection oriented MAC while Wifi runs on the CSMA/CA protocol, which is wireless and strife based.
  • On the whole Wimax technology becoming popular day by day but WiFi technology has there own useful features. Wimax technology can be predictable to be one of the most extensively used wireless internet access technology in the future.

WiFI vs Bluetooth – Comparison between WiFI & Bluetooth

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Bluetooth vs Wifi both have lots of features of connectivity, printing and transferring of data. The technology of Bluetooth is functional when broadcasting of information among more than two devices exist near as headset, modem, printer etc while WiFi operating on full scale because it is a much faster than Bluetooth. No doubt WiFi and Bluetooth is the basic need of modern age but have some differentiation as follow.


Comparison between Wifi and Bluetooth

The hardware requirements of WiFi and Bluetooth are entirely different, Through Bluetooth adapter you can connect devices with each other. While in WiFi network you need an adapter, router and access point to enable connection. The bandwidth required for Bluetooth is only 800 kbps and for WiFi 11Mbps bandwidth require. WiFi network come into existence in 1991 and Bluetooth in 1994.The specification of Bluetooth is SIG and wifi is IEEE, and WECA.

The specification of Bluetooth are a lot as the usage is very simple and various devices can be connected at a time .You can also switch between devices via Bluetooth. In other hand WiFi network is a complex network and hard to configure. You can use various devices with Bluetooth such as automation devices, mobile phones, keyboard, and mouse. While in WiFi network server, desktop, and notebook computer can be used. The rising issue of wifi and Bluetooth is the range because the range of Bluetooth is 10 meters and as compared to Bluetooth WiFi offering 100 meters range for user to make it more beneficial for user.

The security level of both Bluetooth and WiFi is also different from each other. Bluetooth has only 2 level of password to wrap little distance and escape user time. WiFi is a risky network because when lots of network attached with each other then hacker may try to access toward connected user and if succeed your data may be stolen. The power used for Bluetooth is very low and for WiFi it should be high because WiFi have long range of connectivity and Bluetooth have low. The similarities in both are frequency because both technologies have same frequency which is 2.4 Ghz.

Bluetooth is non resident tools while wifi is residential equipment’s and its purposes. Both technologies are wireless but for different purposes. WiFi used to get access toward local area network in working areas while Bluetooth used to carry out personal application as smart energy. As we know WiFi is an Ethernet network and a user should configure it to get quick access to internet .Through WiFi transformation of files become easy. A user can also use hands-free and headset devices because it has a strong connection. WiFi prove good because it provide full strength network to enable fast connection. Same as Bluetooth is also very efficient technology for transformation of data between next to devices as telephone, modem, headset etc.

Both technologies are different because Bluetooth is a slow as compared to WiFi because WiFi is a fastest technology therefore WiFi also unsuited with it. WiFi enabled more and more user to connect with each other via wireless network. So bluetooth and WiFi have some resemblance but these both technologies compliment each other due to their feature of connectivity, sharing, and speed. When we use these two technologies we can get better and battiest result of any project. WiFi enabled you to connect with internet without any wires but when you are exist in the range of hotspot, because WiFi works only in its specific range while Bluetooth offering quick exchanging of data and sharing opportunity of printer, laptop etc. In short the use of both technologies increasing day by day and both has something to looking forward.

What is WiFi TV

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Every generation is looking a new improvement and new inventions in the field of technology. Wi-Fi TV is one such tech merger as a gift for the present generation. However it is not a surprise rather present generation was already looking for something dynamic something compatible with all technology devices.

Present age is the age of communication and we cannot sacrifice one for the other. Every communication media is somewhat dependent on one another. Previously Wi-Fi was supporting the mobile phones and PCs and Laptops with wireless internet facility. Only one medium of broadcasting was not in the control of general public. Surely, there would be some moments when you want to take the hold of TV. Here it is! Wi-Fi TV is the merger of two technologies (rather three) which facilitate the television with wireless internet.

WiFi TV Versatility

Wi-Fi TV is an ultra modern technology through which you are going to take multi dimensional advantages to communicate with either type of media. It means Wi-Fi TV is like a demon from which you can ask for anything currently happening anywhere in the world. All the advanced technology features are incorporated in this Wi-Fi TV whether to talk about high resolution, internet accessibility, good speed, of internet connection or sound effects, colour, sharpness of TV or downloading and recording data from online library of YouTube music and videos with the help of internet explorer or Firefox browser. All these utilities can be accessible from one platform of Wi-Fi TV.

Wi-Fi TV as a One Communication Platform

In this way Television has become a communication box where TV, internet and surprisingly mobile is supposed to be facilitated crossing the limits of geographic horizons. Research and experiments are continued to incorporate mobile phone with Wi-Fi TV. This will be an incredible effort on the part of man to virtually compact the global village in its core sense. The incentive behind introducing such technology was the requirement from the global point who does not know how to get information about all current changing attitudes of the prospects customers and come up with the best offer.

Wi-Fi TV technology was first introduced on 1995 and commercialized in 1997 for the general public access and hopefully warmed welcome by the commercial bodies to advertise on the bigger media. During twentieth century it was found so useful and mobile that it was demanded to incorporate the last communicating medium of mobile telephone in it. There is only activation required from your mobile phone for the wireless connection and you can access the mobile network with the help of Wi-Fi TV. Simple TV sets can also get the wireless access by connecting a wireless router to the TV set and set the frequency. Similarly mobile phones can access their network by bridging the gap with the help of this wireless router.

Wi-Fi TV is supposed to be geographical boundaries freed and you can watch any program accessing the free broadcast television programs through your Wi-Fi TV set. Wi-Fi TV system is comprises of visual screen and a top box incorporated with wireless internet and TV access. The best thing is that it is not attached with any wiring for plugging and viewing. It is an in built wireless adopter helps to receive the transmission. And it limitlessness eases to connect and watch either television programs or download YouTube videos as well. It means only one device is capable of giving you opportunity to use whichever medium you want to. You can watch the slide shows from Picasa and download the program with sequence of which you missed the episodes.

WiFI Terminologies – Terms & Terminologies Used in WiFI Technology

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WiFi Terminologies used to acquire best result from wireless technology. It is used to get better understanding to know how and what technology works. There are various terms used as Wifi Terminologies as under.


The unit of Gigahertz is GHz which is used to represent frequencies as billion of cycle per second and also used for measurement of other frequencies. It is used with WiFi wireless network as computer performance and radio frequencies. Gigahertz also used to measure clock speed of CPU therefore it is work as a bands of electric spectrum. Today’s’ new technologies operates on S-band Satellite like Bluetooth etc.

WiBro (Wireless Broadband)

WiBro is the extended version of WiFi because it has no direct connection with WiBro. It is a wonderful and latest technology of mobile broadband.WiFi operates on 802-11. WiBro design for the purpose of connectivity while on move.

Wifi Hotspot

Through Hotspot people connect to internet on public places. There are lots of devices set up with wireless network card such as note books, laptop, handsets etc. These all devices designed to connect with surrounding areas via WiFi network. The places where network available for public use is called Hotspot. It is available in café, restaurant, airport, universities, libraries, ground etc.

WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder is a helpful device used to find a network in certain areas for public use. Now your laptop battery never ended because WiFi Finder find a network quickly .The size of WiFi Finder is very small like a mouse device .When a user turn on WiFi Finder it automatically start search or wireless network and if succeed it on its LED and ask for connection. There are various version of WiFi Finder with specific features and can enhance the range and connection capabilities.

Access Point

Hotspot and Access Point are almost same also known as WAP. Access Point used to connect communication devices collectively. Generally WAP used to connect wired network. It also provide interface between both wired and wireless devices.


Bandwidth is an important term of wifi network because it describes the amount of information that may be broadcast over connection which is bits per second or megabits per second.

Analogue phone

Wifi analogue phone used transmit signal from the voice phone. It also create original signal of images and videos.


Antenna-Directional used to broadcast and obtain radio waves off the obverse of the antenna.


Antenna-Omni-directional used to broadcast and receives radio waves. It is used to get waves from all sides and the area is spherical with the centre antenna.
Circuit switching

The setting of circuit switching in open circuit between users is only possible with Circuit switching. Therefore a user can use full circuit awaiting the connection is unconfined.


Through interoperability all type of software and equipments can be operate properly even in the mixed area of hardware and software. It is possible by IEEE 802.11.


GSM is the universal system used for mobile transportation for wireless network worldwide .This standard mobile phone industry in Europe.


ISDN is an integrated services digital network. ISDN is used to emerge network expertise provided by local phone companies, voice processing system.

ISM Band

ISM Band used in medical, science, and instruments with different radio frequencies.

Packet Switching

Packet Switching is a technique used to sends data in packets through a wireless network from remote sites. There is no circuit absent release on an enthusiastic basis.

Pocket PC

Pocket PC is a useful term by Microsoft and used to support handheld computers.

There are many other WiFi terminologies such as chipset that switch background task. Fire-wire used as small DVD camera and external storage device for data transfer etc.

What is WiFi Technology (Wireless Fidelity) 802.11

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WiFi Technology is a proficient used by mobiles, workplaces, home and computer systems all around the world. WiFi Technology is a spectrum radio technology and OFDM radio technology therefore it is an alternate of wireless LAN’. WiFi Technology based on the IEEE 802.11and WiFi Technology Alliance so we can say that it is a synonym of IEEE 802.11. WiFi Technology is executing by remote supervising structure like as security and medicine. Newest entrenched wireless fidelity representations are outfitted by real time operating systems that allow communication by means of serial ports so we can say that WiFi Technology is a standard of communication among wireless devices and computers all over the world.

The world’s leading WiFi Technology network is simply a name of freedom which permits you to connect your computer with any device as PDA without any expense of wires. Just imagine you are sitting in a coffee shop and chatting with your friend for fun, traveling with airport and in touch with your business, working in a office or taking tea in company cafeteria and checking your today business status Now you can use internet share your files making conference with your client and these all thing possible yes your work and outing both are going and it is possible only with WiFi Technology.

There are a number of products existing now which enable to attach with WiFi Technology Networks about the vicinity. At the time of start when WiFi Technology introduced in market no one have so much knowledge about the product or equipments used for WiFi Technology but now it has become well known technology of the era .The product used by WiFi Technology are Wireless access points which make possible and fast access to your priorities , Wireless adapters makes it more sufficient for wok, Wireless routers make traffic clean and quick, Wireless network bridges which enable links, allow PC card, Express Card, USB, Card bus, miniPCI and PCI, Handhelds and PDAs and expand range of wireless repeater.

Wireless Fidelity (WiFi Technology) provides so much entertainment and information than before with because it enables all devices like PC, games, mp3 player, smart phone, laptop, printer and other tangential. The uses of the WiFi Technology contain any type of WLAN product support any of the 802.11 together with dual-band, 802.11a, 802.11b. WiFi Technology is through accessible hot Spots like Home, Office, Airports, Hotels, Railway stations, Restaurants etc.

WiFi Technology is the trademark of WiFi Technology Alliance which is speedily achieved the recognition in the world by means of the access point. These devices tested by the “WiFi Technology alliance” are used around the world. WiFi Technology use 2.4 GHz radio spectrum for data transfer WiFi Technology reinstate customary wired networks among two or several computers, it facilitated file transferring wires, hubs, networking cards, and other imperative networking connected hardware. WLAN cards and wireless routers make possible broadcasting. WiFi Technology catch wireless networking signals in specified area yet if they are from dissimilar company. The simple design of WiFi Technology makes it easier and user friendly. WiFi Technology is improved simply since no electric wiring is necessary building it a cheaper and quicker network to squash.

Protection can be an apprehension with wireless technologies to monitor unguarded data traffic. WiFi Technology upholds exact security matter. In the data and physical link layers WEP or Wired corresponding Privacy is employed. It was intended to offer the wireless security by defensive the data when a user transmits it from one PC to another. WiFi Technology networking generally preserves within a structure premises. As we know that transmission of protected by Wireless LANs but when data travels over the radio waves it may be possible that some one can be expose and capture your secret data. Though, safe design is essential to WiFi Technology networks, users can easily facilitate password safety and traffic encryption by WiFi Technology test, WiFi Technology Detector, wireless WiFi Technology and WiFi Technology scanner.

WiFi Technology has extended extensively inside business and industrial locations. The growing number of WiFi Technology access point’s supplier network idleness. WiFi Technology support quick roaming and enlarged on the whole network-capacity by defining smaller cells. WiFi Technology also make easy wireless voice-applications which is known as VoWLAN .WiFi Technology have motivated on the way to “thin” because of network intelligence. Centralized network make possible business everywhere, consign individual access role the “dumb” transceivers. Outside submission may exploit mesh topologies. WiFi Technology equipment can provide a safe computer networking as DHCP server, the interruption detection, firewall, and other utilities, so we can say that WiFi Technology is an important and useful technology of the future. Upcoming Years will be merely wireless and with the help of WiFi Technology this idea is achievable.

WiFi Standards, IEEE 802.11 Standards, 802.11a, 802.11b. 802.11g, 802.11n

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Wireless networks based on 802.11 Standards with 2.4 to 5 GHz bands. Wireless network produced by IEEE 802.11. 802.11 Standards consist of modulation method. From the family of 802.11 Standards the most usable and well known protocols are 802.11b and 802.11g. First time 802.11 accept wireless network but 802.11b accepted it widely. In the beginning days the security was weak but now by modification of 802.11i which is a multi streaming technique the security has improved. The family of 802.11 standards includes 802.11c, 802.11f, 802.11h, 802.11j used for correction of previous stipulations.

The 802.11 Standards family divide each member into channels based on bands. All channels are regular in every country to perform various services. Every channel has different specifications and frequency.802.11 offering by channels but each station chooses only four or five channels to avoid overlapping and to get better result. 802.11standard have frames for the transmission of data .Through frames a station can also manage their channel and control wireless network links. The division of frames depends on specification along MAC header. There are many subfields of frames such as protocol version, type, fragment, WEP and order etc.

802.11 Standards

802.11 Standards were originally come into being in 1997 and registered in 1999.Its transfer rate is 1 or 2 Mbps. The specifications of 802.11 are three physical layers. 802.11 with direct-sequence spread spectrum was swiftly replaced and admired by 802.11b.The family of 802.11 Standards include many version to perform various functionality as following.


802.11a same as original 802.11 Standards because it uses data link layer protocol and frame are same as used in 802.11 Standards. But the basic 802.11a .It uses 5 GHz bandwidth for operation and 54 Mbp/s data range. It is a very effective when you are performing more than one task at a time and or crowded time .The signals of 802.11a fascinated more willingly by walls. This happen may occur in all solid objects due to small wavelength.


802.11b also uses the media defined by 802.11 standards It was come into view in 2000. 802.11b has the straight addition of modulation technology same as in 802.11.Mostly 802.11b suffered from the intrusion of other products. We need 2.4 GHz band to operate 802.11b.There are lots of devices operated by 2.4 GHz band in 802.11b such as Bluetooth, oven, card less phones, and monitors.


802.11g was authorized in 2003 as a third modulation device with 2.4 GHz band. It provide maximum data rate with 54Mbit/s at physical layer. 802.11ga also used to for restricted purposes to forward error and improvement codes. The hardware of 802.11g is totally compatible with 802.11b.The most inspiring feature of 802.11g is speed therefore user adapting it rapidly. The manufacturing rate is also less as compared to others. The contribution of 802.11b will diminish the data rate on the whole 802.11g network.


The amendments in 802.11 Standards are occurring with the passage of time and according to the requirement of user or network. The recent amendment in 802.11 Standards is 802.11n. It has multiple new features and MIMO but it also based on 802.11 standards. 802.11n recognized in 2009 as a final endorsement in 802.11 Standards family. All type of enterprises was previously transferred to 802.11n networks. These all enterprises based on Wi-Fi Alliance’s. Wi-Fi is a certified product for 802.11n application to make 802.11 standard families more useful and compatible to new era because WiFi fulfill the requirements of new era where no need to spend time for the arrangement of wires or cables and so on. The 802.11 standard families amend a great deal in the form of WiFi network.

WiFI Security: How WiFi Security Works?

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Wi-Fi Security gear has sophisticated security features offered by WPA2 which the newest version of Wi-Fi security used to guard all type of Wi-Fi devices. WPA2 supports advanced encryption standard (AES), which is used to protect their network from recognized assault and maintain their safety and privacy.The most common wired equivalent security can be easily compromised even when correctly configured. WiFi provides access to WPA and WPA2 encryption, which have solved this problem. WiFi security enable encryption-free mode. Consumers of WiFi will be capable to select from an extensive variety of brands. These product types have easy method to add them to their network. Connecting different types of devices to WiFi networks can supervise and record any type of personal data.

WiFi limited Setup provides enough security to home and small business environment. WiFi Security built up by the WiFi Alliance. The ease set up of WiFi security- facilitates the WiFi user anywhere. WiFi security methods are various like to entering a PIN into a wizard-type, NFC and pushing a button are very well-known to most customers to build a network and allow security.

Always be make sure about devices that the network to which users join is genuine. The majority of WiFi admittance points are gateways and routers. These access points are shipped with a wireless network named SSID. SSID used to create configuration as easy as possible. Wi-Fi Security offering different certification program such as EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS or MSCHAPv2 etc. These products can interoperate with one another like that PEAPv1/EAP-GTC, and EAP-SIM.

The protected setup of WiFi security suggests clients a consistent method with most simply set up. Including a security and additional devices can be effortlessly added to the network over time. PCs, phones, consumer electronics, and wireless routers are example of security set up. The requirements of WiFi Security setup produced by the Wi-Fi Alliance .They provide better user skill by building security-enabled networks. Protected Setup of WiFi doesn’t add new security features for advance devices infect it create the accessible security features simple to arrange and enable.

You can make better Wi-Fi security of your home wireless network. By altering default Passwords created by administrator. Always be sure that you have to turn on WPA / WEP Encryption, make sure that you have changed the default SSID setup. Before transformation of files make possible MAC address filtering, then disable SSID broadcast. When you are going to start work then do not use option of Auto-Connect to open any Wi-Fi Networks. Make sure that you give accurate static IP addresses to all devices. To get better Wifi Security try to enable Firewalls on each Computer and the Router. Make sure that Position of the Router or access point is safe. At the time of rest turn off the Network during extended periods of non-use.

The proficiency level and time necessary to defend a Wi-Fi Security network depend on the involvedness of the network. A home user pay out 5 to 15 minutes to installing an easy, fresh and standardize network and constructing it for Wi-Fi Security .Once you got the experience of freedom and conveniences you can take your Wi-Fi on the road. So you should use handset, laptop, and other product with WPA2. Some device set automatically but for other devices you have to configure your connection to improve them. Always use to disable sharing especially when you are in a public place as hotel, restaurant, and airport etc because in public places the chance of theft increase or may be dangerous for your business. Always get benefit from WiFi security options and make your business more profitable and secure.

WiFI Products – Types of WiFi Products

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WiFi is an amazing technology having lots of features and products. Now days everywhere WiFi network has established for ease therefore in market the range of WiFi products increasing day by day. Through WiFi products we can make it more efficient and helpful for user and clients. There is a huge list of WiFi product listed below.

WiFi Internet radio

WiFi Internet radio is such a wonderful device which is also called wireless music player. Internet radio can obtain signals automatically and then play it via home wifi network. Now internet many areas in the world and it has almost 1300 stations.


Through SDIO WiFi move to a PDA market instead PC market. It is used to alternate PDA capabilities into wireless enabled devices SDIO. Becouse of SDIO wifi has move to new era.

WiFi Antenna

Antenna is used to optimize your connection. Many business companies, industries are getting benefits from internet access with WiFi hotspot, office and homes. Antenna provides signal strength, safety and quick access via routers, access points etc.

WiFi Access point

Access point is used to adjacent wireless network .It is just like a hub which transmitting data between connected devices and make them a single device .Access point consent to wireless devices to make possible conversation with other wired devices.

WiFi Analyzer

Analyzer is a de facto tool used for troubleshooting and auditing wireless network. It helps the user by detecting threats and other bugs from network and solved them quickly .It is one and only diagnostic tool which enable a network to test and diagnose wireless performance issues such as throughput, connectivity, device conflict and single multipath. WiFi analyzer has a full compliance reporting engine. It collects information required by user with policy and regulation.

WiFi Analyzer Express

WiFi Analyzer Express used to secure your system with the core and have ability to see devices and detect problem automatically. WiFi Analyzer Express identifies physical and generally problems from specific devices. Troubleshooting and auditing made possible by WiFi Analyzer Express. It may perform a variety of functions such as detection, stop attacks to keep safe .It has also decoding and filtering ability.

WiFi Clearswift

WiFi clearswift always view on messaging and all other web satisfied safety. WiFi clearswift conventionally proposes dissimilar appliance depend on the solutions for each. It is an interesting and latest product used for mail product and small web transport the two things and together them for the purpose to entry level application.

WiFi AirMagnet

WiFi air magnet is the industry WLAN design for development solution .Is is used to ensure best performance. WiFi air magnet also handles security and compliance. To get most accurate most organization use WiFi air magnet survey to gather real worlds signal, most expected performance, and to get data range specially when you are doing a survey of any site . WiFi airmagnet use to help to measure performance and RF coverage in the most scientific way.

WiFi AUTOdoc

AUTOdoc is foremost software to generate a comprehensive report from firewall configuration files. The report created by AUTOdoc can easily printable by printer when display on screen. Autodoc perform multiple function such as table of contents with links, handling multiple boxes, export HTML etc.

WiFi Adapters

Adapters permit various devices to connect with cableless media to perform various type of external or internal interconnects as PC cards, USB, PCI etc. New upcoming Laptop have internal adapters because installation of internal card is really tough.

WiFi Gateway

Wireless routers specifically configured by WiFi gateway. You can easily purchase it because it is a low cost router. You can purchase it from any near shop. Firmware control the unit is differing from it because firmware forces the router for connection. so when you are going to purchase a WiFi router not exactly purchase firmware , you are make configuration hotspot WiFi.

WiFi Routers

Switch and Ethernet used to join access point .Same as internal router provide DNS, NAT, and IP application onward an incorporated wifi interface. Through these devices you can join more than wireless connection into single WAN connection. There are different WAN devices such as modem. DSL used for internet A Router allow these devices. Mostly access point and Router used to configure as a central utility which is web server easy to go near wired or wireless LAN client.

WiFi Bridge

Bridge is used to attach a wired network to wireless network. it is entirely different from access point because bridge connect two or more than two wired network to wireless network infect access point join only same network as wired with wired and wireless with wireless.

WiFi F5 Networks

F5 was a load balancer but now offering lots of functions suh as access controller, and safety to your network. F5 Networks facilitate you with mail filtering and intelligent compression which make possible fast downloading with lower bandwidth. It also keep balance and management of local traffic.

WiFi AP manager

WiFi AP manager is a great product of today which not only detect major threats, rough attack, interruption and susceptibility but also providing various functionality such as checking, system configuration with mouse click, assessment to firmware and strong security . WiFi AP manager also provide report about intricacy of wifi network.

WiFi power supply

WiFi power supply run your wifi system and always in a better physical condition to perform full and complete attestation. Each unit of power supply is ready to go for drive every time.

WiFi bar code scanner

WiFi bar code scanner continues their workflow in retail and intended to read stock keeping unit. The use of bar code scanner in municipal application, industries and health care center is increasing day by day with more benefits and items. the best quality of WiFi bar code scanner is efficiency and simplicity.

WiFi Camera

Do you want to take picture of your beautiful moments and print them then Wifi Camera is your bet suite because Wifi Camera exposes the electromagnetic space. The use of Wifi Camera increasing because now all business, offices, restaurant, café and any other small or large business used camera for security purposes or any other almost all progressed or progressive countries.

WiFi Compact flash

WiFi compact flash is a removable storage device. Its size is very small therefore you can easily keep in pocket. wifi compact flash facilitate with PCMCIA_ATA usefully and companionably.

WiFi Filter

Filter used for all channels of WiFi. It can be used at position where other services are located. It has the range of 2.4GHz band. Channel filter in use when other services are in process.Wifi providing standard program for ETSI channels.

WiFi Intrusion prevention system

An Intrusion prevention system is a security device used for a network to control network and activities. It provides full support to unwanted behavior and blocks it in real time to prevent harmful activities. When intrusion prevention system detects an attack it will drop the aberrant packets.

WiFi Biometric

Biometrics contains process for exclusively be familiar with humans based upon one or more inherent physical or behavioral individuality. Biometer is a finger print reader .There is no need have enter PIN and it support 50times. Biometric always operate stand alone.

WiFi Handhelds and PDAs 

Almost all handsets and PDAs manufactures install Wireless network card to their products. PDAs and other mobile devices scans WiFi network around, if found can connect to network for Surfing and file sharing.

In short there are many other products available for WiFi such as Netapp, watch guard, proxy client and so on .These all products which are available in market make WiFi more efficient Capable, safe, and reliable. Audio-Visual signal are for receiving & refusal of suitable and unacceptable fingerprints.

WiFI Modes – WiFi Ad Hoc Mode – WiFi Infrastructure Mode

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Generally there are two well known WiFi modes by means of connectivity to get access to internet and for file sharing Wireless technology has modified the means for us to connect to internet via remote or local computers. It has permitted the accomplishment of thoughts away from the restrictions. . Wireless adapter or network interface are network cards having best 802.11 standards. These wireless adapters are available in various formats like PCI, PCMCIA, USB, Compact flash etc. 802.11 standards having two operating modes one is WiFi ad-hoc mode which is also known as peer-to-peer WiFi mode, which is a very easy to install and least hardware required for it, and second is WiFi Infrastructure mode in which hardware and software are both required for configuration as a part of design. Infrastructure mode is little hard to configure then ad hoc mode.

WiFi Infrastructure Mode

Infrastructure mode is one of the two methods for linking to cable less networks .Wi-Fi modes permitted devices such I-phone laptops, PDA’s which are used to connect with wireless network with the help of Access Point(AP). Wireless Access Points are generally routers which are used to connect with computer via Ethernet port. Infrastructure mode is the requirements of Wireless Access points. It is essential to use SSID when you are going to configure Access Point(AP). The basic security key of WiFi is SSID which facilitate to avoid UN official access to WLAN. When you are using WiFi network then you can use multiple access points can be added in the WLAN.

The Infrastructure mode of WiFi is supporting a large number of wireless clients. The configuration of Infrastructure mode for wireless network is not very hard just follow simple step and setting up your Infrastructure mode. Write the URL in your any browser which you are using and then give user name and password in coming window. Typically in WiFi wireless network default setting is used which is admin password and admin user name. After putting it write name the connection in appeared screen. Infrastructure mode will be enabled and then assign SSID in the switch for transmit. Now scan adopter to see any wireless network availability. If appear click on it for connect and provide it SSID information to make possible file sharing and internet browsing. Infrastructure makes available much more evenness, scalability, ease of supervision and enhanced security.

WiFi Ad-hoc Mode

WiFi Ad hoc Mode is the other type of WiFi modes of connectivity. By using Ad hoc Mode direct communication of devices can be possible. No need of any Access Point such as routers, switches for communication purposes .All devices in Ad hoc Modes connect in peer to peer communication mode therefore each machines act as client and AP at the same type. The setting of Ad hoc Mode wireless adaptors are required to configure it. In ad hoc mode you need to use same channel name and same SSID for a live connection. You can set Ad hoc Mode in small is alike homes, building etc because you never need to use extra hardware. In Ad hoc Mode if there are two different stations range then it will not be able to communicate. Ad hoc Mode is a limited wireless network which invites people in the same room for exchanging data.

Both modes provide various benefits depend on the environment. Infrastructure mode and ad hoc mode has no giving out system that can throw data from one location to another location but in short it is a constrained wireless network. The configuration of WiFi modes become possible and ease because Wi-Fi Alliance has standardized these modes via Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

Limitations of WiFi

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WiFi technology offers many benefits but also have limitations as well. WiFi is a wireless technology offering numerous people to connect with other computers on network or internet without any need of laying wires physically. It has massive power which becomes the revolution in LAN network worldwide. Through WiFi those people couldn’t get access to internet, don’t worry now. Because WiFi is offering you direct access to internet with the means of communication without any physical wire or cable.

Wifi Access Limitations

Portability is the great benefit of WiFi which enable people to connects there PDA’s, Laptop, and with a network without the hassle of wires. WiFi have lots of benefits especially now when the first priority of every one is internet but WiFi network has a limitation. The limitation of WiFi network is that it provides a connection in limited area. Its radio connectively can’t reach beyond 20 to 25 meters. When your location is away from 25 meters you can’t get access to internet or local wireless network. The Wifi antenna broadcast signals around specific areas everywhere but as you gos far your connection will lose strength. WiFi connections have rating level of strength of connection which may be good, better, excellent but if you are away from your specific areas then it will be poor connection.

WiFi Modes Limitations

Generally WiFi network supports two type of technology one is infrastructure mode and second is Ad hoc mode. When you are using Ad hoc mode you can connect to internet without any third party access point or routers. Therefore mostly user prefer Ad hoc mode to over infrastructure mode. In WiFi network if you are using Ad hoc mode then some issues come into face that when WiFi devices make configuration on Ad hoc mode then ostensible protection beside network intruders. The configuration of ad hoc device never disables SSID access while infrastructure mode does. In ad hoc mode existing network attackers will not requisite a lot effort. When you are experienced an Ad hoc mode signal problem may occurs infact infrastructure mode offers full strength signals. 802.11g standard require ad hoc mode in WiFi network with the bandwidth of 11Mbps. When a user build up WiFi network on infrastructure mode then the rate of transfer data is up to 54 Mbps on the other hand when configuration held on ad hoc mode then only 11 mbps data can be attained. Ad hoc mode is very slow as compared to infrastructure mode.

WiFi Security Limitations

There are some security issues which may cause of wifi limitation because the setting of WiFi network is really very easy but to maintain security need lots of efforts, because there is no encryption methods organize on access point of WiFi network. Some time WiFi network become more vulnerable when hacker attacks on WiFi network and steal your important data and reduce the performance of your network traffic. The slow transfer rate of videos and audios pushed further than their restrictions. When lots of users are getting access to internet via same network then the speed of transfer data came down. When more than few devices are connected to wireless network then this problem is irritated and if you think to download heavy files at the same time you never do this because of division of bandwidth to all equipment’s reduce the speed and sometime makes network unresponsive.

On the whole no doubt there are some limitations in WiFi network but including all limitations WiFi have excellent features of connectivity which helps to forget the limitation. Therefore in coming days every one demand for WiFi network to get quick access to internet every where and want to get benefit from WiFi hotspots to make their business more profitable and successful beside all limitation of WiFi network.