What is Wimax Technology (IEEE 802.16)

WiMAX Technology is also one of the emerging wireless technology that provide us high speed mobile data and telecommunication services. WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and it is based on IEEE 802.16 standards. In this technological world, we have so many technologies that help us in every aspect of our daily life such as transportation, communication etc. WiMAX Technology works same as Wi-Fi does but it is more improved and efficient then WiFi and it can route data to Wi-Fi that is Wi-Fi devices can take advantage of WiMAX connection. WiMAX technology provides higher speed connection up to 70 Mbps over the area of 30 miles. There is no need for line of sight connection between subscriber terminals and the base station in WiMAX technology and it can support hundreds if not thousands of subscribers from a single base station. It is also specified in 802.16standards that it will supports low latency applications such as voice, video, and Internet access at the same time. To Read about What is WiMAX technology click here.

I have analyzed and study the risks to WiMAX technology provide some enhancements techniques and solutions for that. Most of the threats to WiMAX technology are the security issues that need to be suitably decided for better services and security of the WiMAX network. The issues relating to security of WiMAX technology are authentication, encryption and availability. I will discuss and analyze each of the issues in detail and provide some possible enhancement for the WiMAX technology and solutions to overcome the problem.

 How Wimax Works

 Around 2004, WiMAX technology become progressively more discussed. Although initially designed as a fixed wimax technology, it was being conformed in the standards to develop into a mobile technology also known as IEEE 802.16e. Many experts made claims about the WiMAX technology, some claimed it would have significantly greater range than 3G, higher data rates, would be built into all computing devices and as a effect it would take over the market for 3G like services. See also what is 4G.

How Wimax Works

How Wimax Works


In 2006, the view was that WiMax mobile networks might not be launched until the end of 2007 or 2008. It would then take some time to install the networks and require terminal devices, so it might not be until 2010 that it would be likely to see whether WiMAX was having any impact on 3G, on the other hand, some straightforward observations propose that its impact will be bounded to some limits.


WiMAX Background

WiMAX is the standards based technology that was developed in the early 2000, though we can say that its not mature enough as compare to other technologies for example; Wi-Fi, 3g GPRS. At the moment most of the organizations are considering to deploy the WiMAX technology because it can help them to generate handsome amount of revenue and the value added services to their customers. As far as the threats to WiMAX technology are concerned the major threats are authentication, encryption and availability problems discussed in detail with other people’s context in other sections of this website. Please select the topic from the navigation menu for more details on each of them.

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