What is ZigBee Technology – ZigBee Features & Applications

What is ZigBee Technology

ZigBee Technology is one of such progression in wireless technology. Wireless is not a new technology as wireless networking and wireless internet are already in use; yet ZigBee technology set a new aspect in wireless technology. That’s why it’s usually referred as ZigBee Wireless Technology. Day by day advancement in technology is introducing novel and supportive devices which are used to make life easier and ZigBee Technology is one of them.

To better understand the ZigBee technology it is necessary to know what is ZigBee Technology? It is based on “MICA2DOT433MHz” which is a low-power frequency, works like a Bluetooth and uses the features of wireless networking. Keep in mind the plus points of each three you can evaluate its worth.

Using the networking system ZigBee Technology can connect machines and control through one connection whiles consuming less power. So ZigBee is the cost-effective wireless technology for controlling and monitoring.

ZigBee Technology Features

ZigBee technology has many useful features and characteristics and these features of ZigBee technology are the reason of its increase demand in the commercial zone particularly in commercial and residential at time lesser but prospects are better.

ZigBee technology allows wireless networking to connect several units to control through one button like in business industry. This wireless networking avoids the threat of short circuiting. Centralization control system reduces the man power.

As a wireless communication system ZigBee technology helps to monitor the activities and manipulates in a better way.

ZigBee technology used in the remote control devices helps to control the function at a specific range. This feature of ZigBee Technology is very attractive and effortless as all the home appliances are mostly coming with remote control system which is the essence of this ZigBee wireless technology. In industry all the units are centralized in one place with the help of remote control or switch-based system.

As ZigBee technology based devices are designed on low-power frequency therefore are reliable. Low-power consumption feature of ZigBee technology helps to run a device for a long duration or sometimes this duration is of years.

Bluetooth application gives a unique feature of transferring information or data from one place to another in a far better way than Bluetooth itself.

Zigbee technology is used in three different types of devices which are used in networking according to its functionality. As prominently ZigBee is a wireless technology for making a network system, coordinators are the primary devices to help in activation of the system by collecting the data in form of memory. Then router comes as a secondary device to perform the function by sending information to the destination. Third types of ZigBee based devices are the end-user devices. These are basically receiver so are not able to send information itself. It remains in sleep mode while not in use so less amount of battery uses and resultantly longer life.

Applications of ZigBee Technology

Applications of ZigBee Technology is not limited to a certain level but because of being cost-effective, low-power battery and wireless connectivity, this ZigBee technology is used in almost every appliance if not in all.

ZigBee technology is programmed in a chip form and is used in many devices to function automatically. For controlling and monitoring a whole factory unit while sitting in one cabin is possible by using ZigBee technology. It centralizes all the units in one place and enables the remote monitoring.

In a similar way, a home can be centralized by increasing the security aspect. Many small equipment’s are coming with embedded ZigBee technology chips and really works like a miracle.

ZigBee technology is swiftly prevail the market by introducing devices like smoke and heat sensor, medical and scientific equipment’s, control units of home and industry and wireless communication devices.

The revolutionize turn in the field of technology with the introduction of ZigBee technology; the near future of ZigBee technology will prevail in almost every walk of life.

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