What are Wireless Sensor Networks

Administration is very important to run an organization successfully. Fast telecommunication era where shows positive aspects there it brings many negative effects as well. For proper administration different tools have been devised to track, monitor and control the working bodies. Wireless sensor network is one such device. Wireless networking is quite a handy tool to connect different computers remotely at one place. Wireless sensor network is a type of wireless connection spatially as autonomous bodies to work in harmony to perform a specific function.

How Wireless Sensor Networks Work

Wireless Sensor Network mechanism is quite simple and applicable to a variety of fields. It is based on Smaller nodes, controller, radio transceiver, and battery. The key to stimulate the sensor networking is the algorithm sponsor multi-router phenomenon. The system is totally dependent on the nodes and the harmony established between them through proper frequency. These nodes are of different sizes according to the function they perform.

To activate the monitoring / tracking function of these nodes a radio transmitter is attached to forward the information in the form of waves. They are controlled by the microcontroller according to the function and device in which they are used. All the system remains in working condition with the help of energy supply which is in the form of battery. The wireless sensor networks perform function concurrently where nodes are autonomous bodies incorporated in the field spatially for the accurate results. The information transmits through proper channel taking the information collecting it in the form of data and send to the base.

Types of Wireless Sensor Networks

There are broadly speaking two types of wireless sensor networking; physical and environmental. They are used to track and monitor heat, pressure, temperature, vibratory movements, movement or pollution level, sound detection, etc.

Uses of Wireless Sensor Networks

According to their types they are used by different organizations and fields to monitor a specific task. Wireless sensor networks are incorporated at different point to monitor a specific area a common known example is that of military communication either land or water. Major issues which are becoming a possible threat to life are environmental and industrial issues. Wireless sensor networks are doing great job in the relevant fields to sense to temperature for greenhouse gasses and similarly earthquake detectors are implanted to detect the land sliding phenomenon for precautionary measurements.

Pollution is the major problem of today so is the waste of natural resources. There is great danger of finishing the natural reservoirs. Wireless sensor networks are successfully devised to monitor the water and electricity use. They are used to monitor the waste water in the landfill for cleaning process through landfills and water level detection in the domestic and industrial tanks. Similarly they are used to sense the light and help to consume the daylight properly till the evening and detecting the dim light it automatically switches on the light. This is permissible at homes, offices and factories. Machinery health is an important issue to keep the machines in running conditions for a long time. It helps to reduce the need of large labor and cost.

Check and Balance

The checkers who are tracking and monitoring the wireless sensor network can efficiently monitor the circumstance and can take quick action to balance the situation. In this way they protect the system from being destruction.

User Friendly…Target Killer

Wireless sensor networks are a source of profit at one place while loss on the other side. Like from the source point of view they provide data information about the location and places and movements while the information taken about agencies suffers. It means they are quite user friendly and helps to kill the victim.

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