Wireless Internet – Wireless Internet Types

Wireless Internet

Internet connectivity is possible in two ways; wired internet connectivity and wireless internet connectivity. Wired internet access through cable or DSL modem is no doubt doing its work well. With the initiation of wireless internet ease and itinerant are two most prominent features which make it popular among internet users. You need a router or an access point work as a base for receiving and transmitting Wi-Fi signals to provide you wireless internet.

Wireless Internet Types

We have different types of Wireless Internet available to use in home or office. of A vast canvas for accessing internet connection is satellite. It is the fastest medium for internet connectivity. High-speed download performance is an additional feature. It enables the sending n receiving the required information and data access. But for end user it is very costly as compared to other modes. That’s why a big server is responsible to access wireless internet and transmit to the end users in multiple ways.

Here comes the municipal area network in which in a city different places are covered by adjusting routers at radial distance of Wi-Fi signals hence responsible for internet connectivity. It costs you very cheap even then there is no compromise on quality means you will be benefited by fast connectivity and effective download speed.

Next option is the wireless broadband internet access which comes to the end users in two shapes. One is fixed radio transmission towers antennas receive and transmit WiFi signals. As most of the devices are now having in-built Wi-Fi cards, it helps to support virtual business concept. There is no need of a concrete wall office. You can work from home through your laptop.

Cellular technology has left no difference between a mobile or computer. You can take either work from your mobile. Mobile broadband with wireless internet connection has mobilized the work.

Features of Wireless Internet

  • A very prominent feature of wireless internet is hidden in its name as it provides wireless internet service. Presence of wires in surrounding is a constant threat and an unhygienic environment because cleaning is very difficult from that part of wiring.
  • Mobility is another big advantage of this wireless internet. Home and small business plans are easily carried out through wireless internet. Wireless internet enables you to move from one room and you will not lose internet connection.
  • Hot-spots are prospect feature of wireless internet. Many restaurants, cafes’ and clubs used this wireless internet for catching the attention of prospect customers.
  • Virtual businesses and virtual education concept is based on this wireless internet access.
  • Game consoles feed with wireless internet card are a source of entertainment.

Disadvantages of Wireless Internet

No doubt wireless internet access is an amazing offer whether for home and small business purpose or educational and entertainment purpose yet there are some limitations as well.

  • Bad weather gives poor signals. One can suffer when you are in dire need of internet connectivity and weather won’t allow you to connect.
  • If your wireless internet connection is not security-enable, you would suffer in the form of data loss. Spying is a constant threat if computer is not firewall protected.

Security of wireless internet is the most important issue. Anyone can access wireless internet in its radial distance. Secure wireless internet with password so that only network computers has the access to the internet connection. Any outsider must first need to handclasp local area network.

hy you need to secure your wireless internet connection? Or What if any outsider shares your internet connection? A simple answer to this question is that if an outsider is sharing your connection, he is eating your data receiving and transferring limit and you may remain hungry. Although you are paying full charger yet you are not consuming the available limit. Another important issue is the sharing of bandwidth which results in low speed connection and ultimately low downloading speed.

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