What is WiMAX

With the presence of Wireless access in cities, businesses of different kinds have revolutionized their set up and service status. Yet there were some remote areas where customers were caught inaccessible to internet or a network. To meet the demand of present time where immobility has no concept the idea of WiMAX is quite appealing. WiMAX is a technology comes up with multiple solutions.

WiMAX Specifications
Whereas Wi-Fi specification is IEEE 802.11b there WiMAX is introduced as IEEE 802.16 which has totally changed the horizon of computer world. There is no boundaries to get connect anywhere, anytime. Hurdles are crossed over and WiMAX is now eligible to penetrate through for the connectivity in all sorts of conditions. Previously, Fixed WiMAX was introduced but lasted mobile WiMAX has replaced its market quickly as its features are more appealing and beneficial as compared to fixed WiMAX.

WiMAX Bandwidth
WiMAX comes up with a greater bandwidth support. To gain the instant speed FFT has been scaled for the bandwidth into channel form. It is to be considered that the channels are of equal space so that spectrum should be broader. This is known as a wide channel while there is narrow channels as well which offer less expenditure.

WiMAX Range

The specification (802.16e) latest standard of WiMAX offers more than 70 GHz range. It is providing scalable orthogonal frequency-division multiple accesses and is showing much better performance than fixed standard.

WiMAX Features

If we consider the features of WiMAX, it has nearly taken place of all the mediums used for connectivity and display. With the introduction of this new specification, the use of internet and the coordination through networking has excelled the efficiency of users.


Mobility is the first benefit seen when we come from DSL or any other wired communications. The removal of restrictions or limitations gives the ease of connectivity in any way, no matter where the user stands. This mobility is not available in an enclosed premise of a specific place. Wimax range is wider now and accessible under the cities or across the countries.


WiMAX offers connectivity is fulfill the meaning of the phrase last mile fully well. It is supporting wide range to access the frequency in the near surrounding to overlap it to connect. This feature is the most important one as it supports the service in the remote rural areas.


It is better to say that WiMAX is a versatile mobile broadband. It is not only supporting the wireless connectivity but also a large amount of data is transferred through it. Different services like Voice over IP and especially Triple play is possible by using the WiMAX only. It stands alone as powerful giant to meet the criteria for all those services which are obtained by using various equipments. WiMAX replaces all those gadgets and offers its services with full confidence.


Once deployed the WiMAX then forget the disconnection. WiMAX will become responsible and make you forget about problems related to internet or network. It is fulfilling the responsibility through different medium available in the market called subscriber units like, cell phone, Net books, iPods, etc. Now-a-days, gaming consoles are also supported by this WiMAX service. This services is accessible in a multiple ways by using Wi-Fi access point, Ethernet ports are also supporting the WiMAX connectivity, while telephone jacks are convenient way to access this WiMAX service.


After reading so many plus points, one will think about it as a best option ever had. However there are certain limitations attached to Wimax which cannot be negligible.

Speed / Distance

Speed is inversely proportional to distance as when go away from the access point you will lose the speed. The greater the distance the lesser the speed will be in Wimax network.

Quality / Bandwidth

Performance is dependent on the available bandwidth in Wimax network. If the bandwidth is divided into different users active at the same time, surely you are going to lose the quality of service.