Wimax Vs WiFi – Comparison of Wimax and WiFi

Wimax technology is a standard based wireless technology which is used to provide internet access and multimedia services at very high speed to the end user. The Wifi technology is still using local area network (LAN) for the predictable future. Wimax and wifi differences are very simple as below.

Wimax & Wi-Fi Comparison

  • The basic difference between Wimax technology and Wifi technology are cost, speed, distance and so on. Wimax coverage is about 30 miles and Wifi coverage is very limited to some small area.
  • Wimax network just as an ISP without any cable because Wimax singnal used to get access to internet to your home or business, while Wifi will be used inside in your local area network (LAN) for access to the internet.
  • The Wimax architecture is design to make possible metropolitan area networking (MAN). The base station of Wimax capable to provide access to business and hundred of homes, While Wifi is providing only local area networking (LAN).
  • The deployments of Wimax and Wifi network are same both ISP would have their T3 access. The line of sight antennas used to connect tower in Wimax technology. The tower shared out the non line of sight to MAN.
  • The line of sight antennas for Wimax network operate at 60 MHz frequency while the tower having non – line of sight operate on a range just like the WiFi.
  • The base or tower station of Wimax will beam a signal to receiver of Wimax. Similarly Wifi access point transport signal to the receiving device.
  • Wimax network providing QoS (Quality of Service) therefore a large number of people get access to tower at the same time. The built in algorithm automatically transfer the user to other tower or cell of Wimax station. Unlike Wifi user have to sort of fight to stay on connected with a specified access point.
  • The most significant issue of Wimax and WiFi difference is pricing because Wimax is a high cost network, while Wifi is a low cost network therefore mostly people adopt WiFi network due to less expenditure and avoid Wimax due to expensive installations.
  • WiMax will not put out of place WiFi in the home because WiFi is much better in speed and technology. With the passage of time new improvement brings a new variant in 802.11.Wimax offering high speed but if a client exists away from tower or base station speed could decreases.
  • Wimax offer high speed internet as a broadband access which transfer data, voice, video at very high speed. While WiFi offer short range of data transfer because WiFi can connect only in specified areas so only file sharing may possible.
  • Wimax design for long range distance in licensed spectrum or unlicensed spectrum. Wimax support point to point or point to multipoint connection. Multiple standard of wimax such as 802.16e, 802.16b for mobile connectivity from fixed location. While WiFi offer quality services to fixed Ethernet where packets are precedence on their tag. Hotspots of WiFi are usually backhauled over ADSL in small business, café etc therefore to get access is normally highly challenging. The uploading speed of wifi as compared to Wimax also very low rate among internet and router.
  • Wimax network execute a connection oriented MAC while Wifi runs on the CSMA/CA protocol, which is wireless and strife based.
  • On the whole Wimax technology becoming popular day by day but WiFi technology has there own useful features. Wimax technology can be predictable to be one of the most extensively used wireless internet access technology in the future.

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