WiMAX Services

WiMAX is a new wireless technology which provides Mobility, Coverage, Maintainability, Roaming Services etc. WiMAX offers both point to point data transformation known as fixed WiMAX. It also provide full cellular type mobile data services refers to Mobile WiMAX. It offers point to point or point to multipoint network. It employs radio signal which carry both voice and data signals. Wimax technology offers various types of high value services for the ease and multi-tenancy expansion. WiMAX services totally change the way of living. The most valuable services offered by WiMAX are under.

Data and networks

WiMAX network is offering a network which meets your todays and future need. The cabling system of WiMAX network are appropriately planned, managed and installed. It provides accurate proficiency in telecommunications and latest technology of hub and routers to get best result during broadcasting. WiMAX services make available a customized network for home, business and others.

CCTV Surveillance

WiMAX network is allowing various types of devices to communicate. WiMAX Services facilitate you with security cameras through which you can secure your business such as colleges, school, offices, shopping mall, jewelry shops, mobile shops etc. WiMAX services also providing time lapse security recorder for your home or business security, spy security cameras which can protect you from spy, nanny cam, monitors and other equipment’s through which you can secure your home or any type of business without any fear of theft and make confident about security conditions.

Home Automation

Wimax services offering home automations such as home theatre technology which enable you to get full cinema experience with plasma screen, high quality sound, best quality DVD player and recorder, Through WiMAX services you can enjoy long time fun with music, TV cable, and FM radio. WiMAX services offering a well design system, wiring installment etc according to client needs and requirements.

Access Control

The Access control system presented by WiMAX services permit the flow of personal data into a site and encrypted unwanted visitors to save your data. Wimax services are providing a range of access control system such as pin codes, swipe card and proxy readers. The CCTV, time and attendance records offered by Wimax services can be incorporated into other systems in the building.


The intercom systems for Wimax services permit inhabitants to speak via a call station with visitor. Intercom systems linked to an internal unit within a handset and control functions. After confirmation of visit the host may allow the visitor to enter home by releasing electronic door. The use of intercom is increasing with the passage of time in big hotels, restaurants, educational institute, collages, universities etc and it is only possible by Wimax services.


Security is such a considerable Wimax service which provides full security with well thought-out wiring for telephone, video, and LAN. It is possible via home theatre and multi room audio. It also provides advanced lighting control via build up system. The other services are control of blinds, flow of water, air conditioning, keyless entry and security, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and lots of other electric devices from touch screens. The fire alarm, smoke, and heating system, utility bills, and other multimedia equipment’s are great services provided by Wimax.

In short WiMAX Services facilitate you with up-to-date equipment’s, facilities, and customized solutions for upcoming challenges. WiMAX services solutions make possible the network connectivity without any cable and high quality of access including PC platforms, notebook etc. Wimax technology makes our lives more comfortable and tension free. Wimax services are providing inflexible performance with superior security, supple connectivity at business work, at building, or on the road.

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