Limitations of WiMAX Technology

WiMAX is a great technology for next generation with potential applications such as cellular backhaul, hotspot, VoIP mobiles and broadband connection but it have some limitation as under.


Low bit rate over Long distance

WiMAX technology offering long distance data range which is 70 kilometer or 30 miles and high bit rate which is 70Mbit/s that’s good but both features doesn’t work together when we will increase distance range the bit rate will decreased and if we want to increase bit rate then we should reduce the distance range.
Speed of connectivity

The WiMAX other drawback is that any user closer to the tower can get high speed which is up to 30Mbit/s but if a user exist at the cell edge from the tower can obtain only 14Mbit/s speed.
Sharing of bandwidth

In all wireless technology the bandwidth is shared between users in a specified radio sector. Therefore functionality could go down if more than one user exists in a single sector. Mostly user have a range of 2- to 8 or 12 Mbit/s services so for better result additional radio cards added to the base station to boost the capability as necessary.


WiMAX over Wi-Fi

Any one can build up a wifi network but to set up a WiMAX network is really expensive so it is very hard for every one that they pay large mount for the setup and frequency license of WiMAX in a region.
Wimax technology and Different architecture

Because of low bit range on long distance, speed of connectivity from long range, and low bandwidth among user the different granular and dispersed network architectures are being unsupported into WiMAX during autonomous progress.

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