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WiMAX Equipment’s

WiMAX Equipment’s are not well known because there are very limited subscriber demands for WiMAX Products and equipment’s. Most WiMAX equipment’s are installed with WiMAX Technology chip which are certified by WiMAX forum. WiMAX forum is leading the way in support and setting standards in WiMAX technology and its deployment. There are many WiMAX products and equipment’s available in market with limitations. The necessary equipment’s required for WiMAX Technology consist of base stations, receiver, antenna, and backhaul.

WiMAX Base Station

WiMAX base station consists of indoor equipment’s and a tower. The common range of WiMAX base station is up to 10km radius, while a base station can cover 50km or 30miles but in practice it is 10km and 6 miles only .Any node inside the coverage area would be capable to access the internet. WiMAX base station work as a media access control layer and allocate uploading and downloading bandwidth according to the subscriber requirements.

WiMAX receiver

The WiMAX receiver is a stand alone box or PCMCIA cards which is located in your computer or laptop. It is also called customer promise equipment’s.

WiMAX Antenna

WiMAX antenna is also a standalone box and sits in your laptop or computer. WiMAX antenna is just like a Wi-Fi network but the coverage area of WiMAX is much larger than Wi-Fi wireless network. WiMAX antenna used to get better the signal strength of WiMAX user from base station. The WiMAX’s external antenna mostly required in dense areas and high, mountain areas. WiMAX antenna connected with the indoor unit via wire to make stronger signals.

WiMAX Backhaul

WiMAX backhaul is in fact a link system from the access point. It is used to connect system to the backbone. You can connect numerous base stations with one another with the high speed backhaul microwave links. A backhaul allow Wimax user for roaming from one base station to another base station just like a cellular phone.

WiMAX Future Products & Equipment’s

There are many other products which are significant in common use for general community such as WiMAX cards used for desktop and laptops computers within an installed microchip. WiMAX products are under testing procedure therefore very uncommon in market. No doubt in coming days WiMAX deployment takes over the older technologies through WiMAX product.

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