Disadvantages of WiMAX Technology

WiMAX technology was designed to compete with remote locations that presently employs satellite for internet connectivity. WiMAX technology can operate on both licensed and non licensed frequencies. WiMAX Technology is powerful mobile technology but are facing some disadvantages discussed below.


Lack of Quality

The WiMAX network has lack of quality service because there are hundreds of people trying to get access at the same tower so due to heavy traffic it is very hard to maintain high quality.
WiMAX range

The other disadvantage of WiMAX network is range. As WiMAX offer 70Mbps in range with moving station but in practice it is quite different because it is possible only in specify or ideal circumstances. If a user staying away from the specified environment then speed can drop considerably.


WiMAX Bandwidth

Like other network Bandwidth is collective amongst clients in a specified zone. But if there are a lot of users in one area the speed decreases which may be 2 to 10 Mbps of shared bandwidth.


Expensive network

The most disadvantage of WiMAX is its installation and operational cost. Due to heavy structure, tower, antennas etc. makes the WiMAX network collectively high cost network.
Bad Weather

The quality of services decreases in rainy season because the weather condition could interrupt the signal which may cause of bad signal and broadcasting may be stop or interrupted.
Wireless equipment’s

If you are trying to use much wireless equipment at a time within WiMAX network then these equipment’s may cause of interference and could interfere your broadcasting data or face some compromised speed.
Power consuming

WiMAX network is very heavy in structure therefore need much electrical support for running the overall network.


Data Rate

The data rate of WiMAX as compared to other network such as fiber optics, satellite, cables etc are very slow.

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