WiMAX Coverage

In this present era there is need of two things; speed and mobility and these two factors knock the door at Coverage. For speed there is broadband and for mobility there is WiFi/ Wireless networks. Now the only way to get both things together is to merge them and now we have WiMAX that boast both speed and mobility combined together with wider WiMAX coverage. The standard is set for this new technology and speed is also guaranteed as it goes for the last mile when there is requirement to send data. IP protocol has been utilized to attain the broadband characteristic over the Wi-Fi networking since the WiMAX technology introduced to provide last mile WiMAX coverage.

WiMAX coverage is approximately 40 Mbit/s and is going to touch 1 Gbit/s for fixed users in the near future. Similarly, fixed users can access WiMAX and it ranges 50 km or in other words 30 miles. The case for the mobile user is different. It could not go to that extent as stationary customers. For mobile users the WiMAX coverage is 5-15 km or 3-10 miles. Here you can see that WiFi is already there to provide around 30-100 m or 100-300 feet which is much higher than WiMAX. The main reason as preferring WiMAX is that it is receiving high frequency band to operate. It supports all frequencies to perform wireless function well n good.

WiMAX as a wireless broadband service is welcoming by the customers in perspective of speed and reliability. It works as a wireless backhaul, supports broadband connection and also acts hot spots. It is quite familiar to Wi-Fi but gives better coverage when compared.
WiMAX is going to give tough competition to the DSL operators with quality service and broadband connectivity. It is also very cheap as compared to Wi-Fi and other internet service providers. It is only profit-oriented service.

It is acting as a backhaul for previous all wireless standards for up-gradation. It is good when talk about services like VoIP, IPTV and data transmission.

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