What is WiMAX 2 Technology

WiMAX 2 technology is improving with IEEE 802.16m mobile WiMAX standard which is called WiMAX 2. Well Known business leaders make known proposal to speed up WiMAX 2 Technology Solutions built upon IEEE 802.16m. WiMAX 2 Technology is in the final stage of approval and WiMAX 2 technology may be beginning in 2011 and possibly commercialized or deployed in 2012.

The objective behind WiMAX 2 Technology are technology cooperation and mutual presentation benchmarking, dual testing of 4G Technology requests over WiMAX 2 Technology solution, and untimely network level interoperability testing. There are several companies have announced WiMAX 2 technology with primary benefit of speed such as ZTE, Intel, Samsung, Motorola. There are two type of existed WiMAX , Fixed WiMAX which is faster than Wi-Fi. Mobile WiMAX, which is used as a substitute of 3G mobile phone operator. Mobile WiMAX can transport 144 Mbps download and 35Mbps uploading speed. While WiMAX 2 technology intended to meet the advanced 4G standards within 1Gbps access speed to fixed and 100Mbps to fast moving mobile nodes.

Specifications of WiMAX 2 Technology

The specifications of WiMAX 2 technology are built on Institute of (IEE 802.16m) Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802.16m standard. It includes high level on air competency. The WiMAX companies said that WiMAX 2 standard will be diffident well-matched with preceding standards. While WiMAX network technology are confirming extremely successful in carrying very high bandwidth mobile service. The future of WiMAX is guaranteed by WiMAX 2 technology which is a powerful new era technology within a long term growth. WiMAX 2 Technology will be much faster than its forerunner.

Features of WiMAX 2

WiMAX 2 technology can deliver a blazing speed of 120Mbs down and 60Mbs up without any restriction. WiMAX 2 Technology using 4×2 MIMO antennas with 20 MHz channel enable signals every where.

  • With the WiMAX 2 technology the speed will be double and user can do much than before.
  • The WiMAX technology offer very high speed including numerous devices for the delight of client.
  • WiMAX 2 technology network offering VOIP calls with 300Mbit throughput including more bandwidth and less latency.
  • Those operators facing explosive the WiMAX 2 technology meets the need of their demand for mobile data and various type of services.
  • WiMAX hardly print out a place in the market therefore WiMAX 2 technology offering a low cost network within all IP mobile solution.
  • The Data, Voice, and Video transmission are the clear efficiency of WiMAX 2 network technology.
  • The WiMAX 2 promises to deliver a matchless amalgamation of linearity, noise presentation, and constituent combination over a remarkably broad band of operation.

Intel, Samsung which are top leaders in driving the IEEE 802.16 standard contented to observe well-built ecosystem hold up promising to speed up WiMAX 2 competences. WiMAX forum is working to speed up the accomplishment of interoperable system outline for WiMAX 2 apparatus and devices. According to WiMAX Forum there are about 559 WiMAX deployments in 147 countries and 620 million people using it globally. Almost 130 devices and 60 base stations within 2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz, and 3.5 GHz have been certified by WiMAX forum.

The combination of Samsung, Motorola, and Intel form a coalition called WiMAX 2. The goal of WiMAX 2 is to improving the financial side of mobiles The WiMAX group will concern detailed information about milestones and delivery schedule almost in next 3-6 months with the objective to support the WiMAX Forum. WiMAX Forum is convinced that WiMAX 2 Technology will speedily enlarge the Mobile WiMAX market to make available mobile Internet to community in all corners of the world. In short WiMAX 2 meets the International Telecommunications Union requirements for advanced 4G Technology. It transporting higher capacity to system and highest point rate of in excess of 300 Mbps within inferior latency and augmented Voice in excess of Internet Protocol or “VoIP” capacity.

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