WiFI vs Bluetooth – Comparison between WiFI & Bluetooth

Bluetooth vs Wifi both have lots of features of connectivity, printing and transferring of data. The technology of Bluetooth is functional when broadcasting of information among more than two devices exist near as headset, modem, printer etc while WiFi operating on full scale because it is a much faster than Bluetooth. No doubt WiFi and Bluetooth is the basic need of modern age but have some differentiation as follow.


Comparison between Wifi and Bluetooth

The hardware requirements of WiFi and Bluetooth are entirely different, Through Bluetooth adapter you can connect devices with each other. While in WiFi network you need an adapter, router and access point to enable connection. The bandwidth required for Bluetooth is only 800 kbps and for WiFi 11Mbps bandwidth require. WiFi network come into existence in 1991 and Bluetooth in 1994.The specification of Bluetooth is SIG and wifi is IEEE, and WECA.

The specification of Bluetooth are a lot as the usage is very simple and various devices can be connected at a time .You can also switch between devices via Bluetooth. In other hand WiFi network is a complex network and hard to configure. You can use various devices with Bluetooth such as automation devices, mobile phones, keyboard, and mouse. While in WiFi network server, desktop, and notebook computer can be used. The rising issue of wifi and Bluetooth is the range because the range of Bluetooth is 10 meters and as compared to Bluetooth WiFi offering 100 meters range for user to make it more beneficial for user.

The security level of both Bluetooth and WiFi is also different from each other. Bluetooth has only 2 level of password to wrap little distance and escape user time. WiFi is a risky network because when lots of network attached with each other then hacker may try to access toward connected user and if succeed your data may be stolen. The power used for Bluetooth is very low and for WiFi it should be high because WiFi have long range of connectivity and Bluetooth have low. The similarities in both are frequency because both technologies have same frequency which is 2.4 Ghz.

Bluetooth is non resident tools while wifi is residential equipment’s and its purposes. Both technologies are wireless but for different purposes. WiFi used to get access toward local area network in working areas while Bluetooth used to carry out personal application as smart energy. As we know WiFi is an Ethernet network and a user should configure it to get quick access to internet .Through WiFi transformation of files become easy. A user can also use hands-free and headset devices because it has a strong connection. WiFi prove good because it provide full strength network to enable fast connection. Same as Bluetooth is also very efficient technology for transformation of data between next to devices as telephone, modem, headset etc.

Both technologies are different because Bluetooth is a slow as compared to WiFi because WiFi is a fastest technology therefore WiFi also unsuited with it. WiFi enabled more and more user to connect with each other via wireless network. So bluetooth and WiFi have some resemblance but these both technologies compliment each other due to their feature of connectivity, sharing, and speed. When we use these two technologies we can get better and battiest result of any project. WiFi enabled you to connect with internet without any wires but when you are exist in the range of hotspot, because WiFi works only in its specific range while Bluetooth offering quick exchanging of data and sharing opportunity of printer, laptop etc. In short the use of both technologies increasing day by day and both has something to looking forward.

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