WiFI Terminologies – Terms & Terminologies Used in WiFI Technology

WiFi Terminologies used to acquire best result from wireless technology. It is used to get better understanding to know how and what technology works. There are various terms used as Wifi Terminologies as under.


The unit of Gigahertz is GHz which is used to represent frequencies as billion of cycle per second and also used for measurement of other frequencies. It is used with WiFi wireless network as computer performance and radio frequencies. Gigahertz also used to measure clock speed of CPU therefore it is work as a bands of electric spectrum. Today’s’ new technologies operates on S-band Satellite like Bluetooth etc.

WiBro (Wireless Broadband)

WiBro is the extended version of WiFi because it has no direct connection with WiBro. It is a wonderful and latest technology of mobile broadband.WiFi operates on 802-11. WiBro design for the purpose of connectivity while on move.

Wifi Hotspot

Through Hotspot people connect to internet on public places. There are lots of devices set up with wireless network card such as note books, laptop, handsets etc. These all devices designed to connect with surrounding areas via WiFi network. The places where network available for public use is called Hotspot. It is available in café, restaurant, airport, universities, libraries, ground etc.

WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder is a helpful device used to find a network in certain areas for public use. Now your laptop battery never ended because WiFi Finder find a network quickly .The size of WiFi Finder is very small like a mouse device .When a user turn on WiFi Finder it automatically start search or wireless network and if succeed it on its LED and ask for connection. There are various version of WiFi Finder with specific features and can enhance the range and connection capabilities.

Access Point

Hotspot and Access Point are almost same also known as WAP. Access Point used to connect communication devices collectively. Generally WAP used to connect wired network. It also provide interface between both wired and wireless devices.


Bandwidth is an important term of wifi network because it describes the amount of information that may be broadcast over connection which is bits per second or megabits per second.

Analogue phone

Wifi analogue phone used transmit signal from the voice phone. It also create original signal of images and videos.


Antenna-Directional used to broadcast and obtain radio waves off the obverse of the antenna.


Antenna-Omni-directional used to broadcast and receives radio waves. It is used to get waves from all sides and the area is spherical with the centre antenna.
Circuit switching

The setting of circuit switching in open circuit between users is only possible with Circuit switching. Therefore a user can use full circuit awaiting the connection is unconfined.


Through interoperability all type of software and equipments can be operate properly even in the mixed area of hardware and software. It is possible by IEEE 802.11.


GSM is the universal system used for mobile transportation for wireless network worldwide .This standard mobile phone industry in Europe.


ISDN is an integrated services digital network. ISDN is used to emerge network expertise provided by local phone companies, voice processing system.

ISM Band

ISM Band used in medical, science, and instruments with different radio frequencies.

Packet Switching

Packet Switching is a technique used to sends data in packets through a wireless network from remote sites. There is no circuit absent release on an enthusiastic basis.

Pocket PC

Pocket PC is a useful term by Microsoft and used to support handheld computers.

There are many other WiFi terminologies such as chipset that switch background task. Fire-wire used as small DVD camera and external storage device for data transfer etc.

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