What is WiFi Technology (Wireless Fidelity) 802.11

WiFi Technology is a proficient used by mobiles, workplaces, home and computer systems all around the world. WiFi Technology is a spectrum radio technology and OFDM radio technology therefore it is an alternate of wireless LAN’. WiFi Technology based on the IEEE 802.11and WiFi Technology Alliance so we can say that it is a synonym of IEEE 802.11. WiFi Technology is executing by remote supervising structure like as security and medicine. Newest entrenched wireless fidelity representations are outfitted by real time operating systems that allow communication by means of serial ports so we can say that WiFi Technology is a standard of communication among wireless devices and computers all over the world.

The world’s leading WiFi Technology network is simply a name of freedom which permits you to connect your computer with any device as PDA without any expense of wires. Just imagine you are sitting in a coffee shop and chatting with your friend for fun, traveling with airport and in touch with your business, working in a office or taking tea in company cafeteria and checking your today business status Now you can use internet share your files making conference with your client and these all thing possible yes your work and outing both are going and it is possible only with WiFi Technology.

There are a number of products existing now which enable to attach with WiFi Technology Networks about the vicinity. At the time of start when WiFi Technology introduced in market no one have so much knowledge about the product or equipments used for WiFi Technology but now it has become well known technology of the era .The product used by WiFi Technology are Wireless access points which make possible and fast access to your priorities , Wireless adapters makes it more sufficient for wok, Wireless routers make traffic clean and quick, Wireless network bridges which enable links, allow PC card, Express Card, USB, Card bus, miniPCI and PCI, Handhelds and PDAs and expand range of wireless repeater.

Wireless Fidelity (WiFi Technology) provides so much entertainment and information than before with because it enables all devices like PC, games, mp3 player, smart phone, laptop, printer and other tangential. The uses of the WiFi Technology contain any type of WLAN product support any of the 802.11 together with dual-band, 802.11a, 802.11b. WiFi Technology is through accessible hot Spots like Home, Office, Airports, Hotels, Railway stations, Restaurants etc.

WiFi Technology is the trademark of WiFi Technology Alliance which is speedily achieved the recognition in the world by means of the access point. These devices tested by the “WiFi Technology alliance” are used around the world. WiFi Technology use 2.4 GHz radio spectrum for data transfer WiFi Technology reinstate customary wired networks among two or several computers, it facilitated file transferring wires, hubs, networking cards, and other imperative networking connected hardware. WLAN cards and wireless routers make possible broadcasting. WiFi Technology catch wireless networking signals in specified area yet if they are from dissimilar company. The simple design of WiFi Technology makes it easier and user friendly. WiFi Technology is improved simply since no electric wiring is necessary building it a cheaper and quicker network to squash.

Protection can be an apprehension with wireless technologies to monitor unguarded data traffic. WiFi Technology upholds exact security matter. In the data and physical link layers WEP or Wired corresponding Privacy is employed. It was intended to offer the wireless security by defensive the data when a user transmits it from one PC to another. WiFi Technology networking generally preserves within a structure premises. As we know that transmission of protected by Wireless LANs but when data travels over the radio waves it may be possible that some one can be expose and capture your secret data. Though, safe design is essential to WiFi Technology networks, users can easily facilitate password safety and traffic encryption by WiFi Technology test, WiFi Technology Detector, wireless WiFi Technology and WiFi Technology scanner.

WiFi Technology has extended extensively inside business and industrial locations. The growing number of WiFi Technology access point’s supplier network idleness. WiFi Technology support quick roaming and enlarged on the whole network-capacity by defining smaller cells. WiFi Technology also make easy wireless voice-applications which is known as VoWLAN .WiFi Technology have motivated on the way to “thin” because of network intelligence. Centralized network make possible business everywhere, consign individual access role the “dumb” transceivers. Outside submission may exploit mesh topologies. WiFi Technology equipment can provide a safe computer networking as DHCP server, the interruption detection, firewall, and other utilities, so we can say that WiFi Technology is an important and useful technology of the future. Upcoming Years will be merely wireless and with the help of WiFi Technology this idea is achievable.

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