WiFI Products – Types of WiFi Products

WiFi is an amazing technology having lots of features and products. Now days everywhere WiFi network has established for ease therefore in market the range of WiFi products increasing day by day. Through WiFi products we can make it more efficient and helpful for user and clients. There is a huge list of WiFi product listed below.

WiFi Internet radio

WiFi Internet radio is such a wonderful device which is also called wireless music player. Internet radio can obtain signals automatically and then play it via home wifi network. Now internet many areas in the world and it has almost 1300 stations.


Through SDIO WiFi move to a PDA market instead PC market. It is used to alternate PDA capabilities into wireless enabled devices SDIO. Becouse of SDIO wifi has move to new era.

WiFi Antenna

Antenna is used to optimize your connection. Many business companies, industries are getting benefits from internet access with WiFi hotspot, office and homes. Antenna provides signal strength, safety and quick access via routers, access points etc.

WiFi Access point

Access point is used to adjacent wireless network .It is just like a hub which transmitting data between connected devices and make them a single device .Access point consent to wireless devices to make possible conversation with other wired devices.

WiFi Analyzer

Analyzer is a de facto tool used for troubleshooting and auditing wireless network. It helps the user by detecting threats and other bugs from network and solved them quickly .It is one and only diagnostic tool which enable a network to test and diagnose wireless performance issues such as throughput, connectivity, device conflict and single multipath. WiFi analyzer has a full compliance reporting engine. It collects information required by user with policy and regulation.

WiFi Analyzer Express

WiFi Analyzer Express used to secure your system with the core and have ability to see devices and detect problem automatically. WiFi Analyzer Express identifies physical and generally problems from specific devices. Troubleshooting and auditing made possible by WiFi Analyzer Express. It may perform a variety of functions such as detection, stop attacks to keep safe .It has also decoding and filtering ability.

WiFi Clearswift

WiFi clearswift always view on messaging and all other web satisfied safety. WiFi clearswift conventionally proposes dissimilar appliance depend on the solutions for each. It is an interesting and latest product used for mail product and small web transport the two things and together them for the purpose to entry level application.

WiFi AirMagnet

WiFi air magnet is the industry WLAN design for development solution .Is is used to ensure best performance. WiFi air magnet also handles security and compliance. To get most accurate most organization use WiFi air magnet survey to gather real worlds signal, most expected performance, and to get data range specially when you are doing a survey of any site . WiFi airmagnet use to help to measure performance and RF coverage in the most scientific way.

WiFi AUTOdoc

AUTOdoc is foremost software to generate a comprehensive report from firewall configuration files. The report created by AUTOdoc can easily printable by printer when display on screen. Autodoc perform multiple function such as table of contents with links, handling multiple boxes, export HTML etc.

WiFi Adapters

Adapters permit various devices to connect with cableless media to perform various type of external or internal interconnects as PC cards, USB, PCI etc. New upcoming Laptop have internal adapters because installation of internal card is really tough.

WiFi Gateway

Wireless routers specifically configured by WiFi gateway. You can easily purchase it because it is a low cost router. You can purchase it from any near shop. Firmware control the unit is differing from it because firmware forces the router for connection. so when you are going to purchase a WiFi router not exactly purchase firmware , you are make configuration hotspot WiFi.

WiFi Routers

Switch and Ethernet used to join access point .Same as internal router provide DNS, NAT, and IP application onward an incorporated wifi interface. Through these devices you can join more than wireless connection into single WAN connection. There are different WAN devices such as modem. DSL used for internet A Router allow these devices. Mostly access point and Router used to configure as a central utility which is web server easy to go near wired or wireless LAN client.

WiFi Bridge

Bridge is used to attach a wired network to wireless network. it is entirely different from access point because bridge connect two or more than two wired network to wireless network infect access point join only same network as wired with wired and wireless with wireless.

WiFi F5 Networks

F5 was a load balancer but now offering lots of functions suh as access controller, and safety to your network. F5 Networks facilitate you with mail filtering and intelligent compression which make possible fast downloading with lower bandwidth. It also keep balance and management of local traffic.

WiFi AP manager

WiFi AP manager is a great product of today which not only detect major threats, rough attack, interruption and susceptibility but also providing various functionality such as checking, system configuration with mouse click, assessment to firmware and strong security . WiFi AP manager also provide report about intricacy of wifi network.

WiFi power supply

WiFi power supply run your wifi system and always in a better physical condition to perform full and complete attestation. Each unit of power supply is ready to go for drive every time.

WiFi bar code scanner

WiFi bar code scanner continues their workflow in retail and intended to read stock keeping unit. The use of bar code scanner in municipal application, industries and health care center is increasing day by day with more benefits and items. the best quality of WiFi bar code scanner is efficiency and simplicity.

WiFi Camera

Do you want to take picture of your beautiful moments and print them then Wifi Camera is your bet suite because Wifi Camera exposes the electromagnetic space. The use of Wifi Camera increasing because now all business, offices, restaurant, café and any other small or large business used camera for security purposes or any other almost all progressed or progressive countries.

WiFi Compact flash

WiFi compact flash is a removable storage device. Its size is very small therefore you can easily keep in pocket. wifi compact flash facilitate with PCMCIA_ATA usefully and companionably.

WiFi Filter

Filter used for all channels of WiFi. It can be used at position where other services are located. It has the range of 2.4GHz band. Channel filter in use when other services are in process.Wifi providing standard program for ETSI channels.

WiFi Intrusion prevention system

An Intrusion prevention system is a security device used for a network to control network and activities. It provides full support to unwanted behavior and blocks it in real time to prevent harmful activities. When intrusion prevention system detects an attack it will drop the aberrant packets.

WiFi Biometric

Biometrics contains process for exclusively be familiar with humans based upon one or more inherent physical or behavioral individuality. Biometer is a finger print reader .There is no need have enter PIN and it support 50times. Biometric always operate stand alone.

WiFi Handhelds and PDAs 

Almost all handsets and PDAs manufactures install Wireless network card to their products. PDAs and other mobile devices scans WiFi network around, if found can connect to network for Surfing and file sharing.

In short there are many other products available for WiFi such as Netapp, watch guard, proxy client and so on .These all products which are available in market make WiFi more efficient Capable, safe, and reliable. Audio-Visual signal are for receiving & refusal of suitable and unacceptable fingerprints.

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