Limitations of WiFi

WiFi technology offers many benefits but also have limitations as well. WiFi is a wireless technology offering numerous people to connect with other computers on network or internet without any need of laying wires physically. It has massive power which becomes the revolution in LAN network worldwide. Through WiFi those people couldn’t get access to internet, don’t worry now. Because WiFi is offering you direct access to internet with the means of communication without any physical wire or cable.

Wifi Access Limitations

Portability is the great benefit of WiFi which enable people to connects there PDA’s, Laptop, and with a network without the hassle of wires. WiFi have lots of benefits especially now when the first priority of every one is internet but WiFi network has a limitation. The limitation of WiFi network is that it provides a connection in limited area. Its radio connectively can’t reach beyond 20 to 25 meters. When your location is away from 25 meters you can’t get access to internet or local wireless network. The Wifi antenna broadcast signals around specific areas everywhere but as you gos far your connection will lose strength. WiFi connections have rating level of strength of connection which may be good, better, excellent but if you are away from your specific areas then it will be poor connection.

WiFi Modes Limitations

Generally WiFi network supports two type of technology one is infrastructure mode and second is Ad hoc mode. When you are using Ad hoc mode you can connect to internet without any third party access point or routers. Therefore mostly user prefer Ad hoc mode to over infrastructure mode. In WiFi network if you are using Ad hoc mode then some issues come into face that when WiFi devices make configuration on Ad hoc mode then ostensible protection beside network intruders. The configuration of ad hoc device never disables SSID access while infrastructure mode does. In ad hoc mode existing network attackers will not requisite a lot effort. When you are experienced an Ad hoc mode signal problem may occurs infact infrastructure mode offers full strength signals. 802.11g standard require ad hoc mode in WiFi network with the bandwidth of 11Mbps. When a user build up WiFi network on infrastructure mode then the rate of transfer data is up to 54 Mbps on the other hand when configuration held on ad hoc mode then only 11 mbps data can be attained. Ad hoc mode is very slow as compared to infrastructure mode.

WiFi Security Limitations

There are some security issues which may cause of wifi limitation because the setting of WiFi network is really very easy but to maintain security need lots of efforts, because there is no encryption methods organize on access point of WiFi network. Some time WiFi network become more vulnerable when hacker attacks on WiFi network and steal your important data and reduce the performance of your network traffic. The slow transfer rate of videos and audios pushed further than their restrictions. When lots of users are getting access to internet via same network then the speed of transfer data came down. When more than few devices are connected to wireless network then this problem is irritated and if you think to download heavy files at the same time you never do this because of division of bandwidth to all equipment’s reduce the speed and sometime makes network unresponsive.

On the whole no doubt there are some limitations in WiFi network but including all limitations WiFi have excellent features of connectivity which helps to forget the limitation. Therefore in coming days every one demand for WiFi network to get quick access to internet every where and want to get benefit from WiFi hotspots to make their business more profitable and successful beside all limitation of WiFi network.

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