Wi-Fi Applications

Before discussing about Wi-Fi Applications and Wi-Fi uses lets have a look first at Wi-Fi itself. A very simple statement for the understanding of WiFi term is that it is wireless networking between more than 2 computers keeping internet connectivity aside. So this distinction should be clear that wireless networking is different from wireless internet. However it is a mode to get internet connectivity. The term originated from the word WiFi, which stands for quality notes of music. So WiFi stands for wireless frequencies / fidelity which enable the interconnectivity of many computers hence a way to connect internet from the access point to the computer or laptop. For enabling WiFi you need to use a device access point or technically named router having wireless facility to receive or transfer the signal.

There are many applications of WiFi connectivity; you can take advantage of it in many different ways. Home-based Wi-Fi enabled device helps you to connect your PC, game console or laptop. If 2 or 3 members of your family have their own laptops they would be able to share their data, files and photos. They can take prints by connecting their laptops to the PC or through print server. Moreover there is no mess of wires and your surrounding remains clean.

There are no boundaries if you are using WiFi, you move from one room to another or even away from home you have the liberty to access internet within the range of radial distance. Just go for security measurements.

In an office set up, all the computers can be interconnected and enable check and balance whether employs are working or not. A project can be presented to all the members whether in the form of excel sheet, ppt or word document.

Also you can share windows if you are delivering lecture, it would help you make your lecture effective as they not only hear you but also receiving the visual information. Many public places are also supplied with Wi-Fi connectivity to access internet like café, restaurants, and clubs to attract the clients. A prospect customer surely appreciates your efficiency and awareness of the modern fast-paced world.

WiFi hotspots concept is getting popularity among business communities and mobile workers. For this purpose ISPs are incorporating WiFi routers to many places for the coverage of wide range. The accessibility of internet is somewhere free and somewhere you have to pay for internet connectivity per hour or of the package for which you go. These routers are the access point for internet while attached to the DSL modem or cable modem.

Now-a-days, computers, laptops and mobiles are WiFi oriented so two computers or two laptops are easily connected without access point. This is the most modern WiFi technology. A prospect businessman surely utilizes this Wi-Fi technology to increase the workers’ output. You can produce efficient workforce to enhance your business.

A whole city can provide WiFi connectivity by deploying routers at specific rang to access the internet. It seems unbelievable and even inapplicable in the beginning but now in European countries some of the cities are wholly Wi-Fi.

It is now also a very common application of WiFi that a whole campus is having a single access point at a certain height and all of the student can take benefits from it. For this they have to pay a monthly fee through their monthly fee-bill.

WiFi is not limited to private users or small-business communities. Its future is predictable as WiFi is applicable in a versatile modes and profitable ways. Everyone whether starting a home-based business or a world-wide mobile business is heading for the WiFi technology to prosper their business by leaps and bounds.

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