What is VoIP

Many people are unaware of making calls in a totally new way which is not only convenient but also cost nothing or very less. With the introduction of VoIP or voice over internet protocol, the concept of traditional phone is getting change. When making a call through VoIP system analog audio signals are transmitted into digital data and travel through internet to the other place.

Internet has spread widely nearly everywhere and already facilitating people in many different ways. VoIP is a somewhat new idea of making phone calls over the internet protocols. The immediate benefit of this VoIP is that it would make you free from telephone wiring and separate fee for its connection.

With the advent of this new technology, a new horizon for the phone system is in front of us. In Western countries this technology is warmly greeted and is deploying in offices and for business purpose. They think about it a very useful and relatively cheaper medium for them.

VoIP is a new technology yet it is popularizing day by day. As it is coming in use so fast not only at commercial level but also for private use, companies are offering this service in a variety of ways. Three of them are very common.

1. Analog Digital Adopter (ATA)

A normal telephone is used by plugging the cable into socket accessing a telephone connection. This analog digital adopter has now replaced the socket place. A telephone set is directly attached to the computer through this adopter by putting the cable into it. Only the difference is of ATAs as different companies have different models. Some are offering their services free with the provision of ATA while other ATAs are coming with the software. There is only the need of installing that software and the host system is ready to work like a telephone.

2. IP Phone

This is probably the most new way of using phone through internet. There is no difference between a general mobile and this IP Phone. If there is any difference that is of the services. The configuration of this IP phone is with router. This phone is specially design for the calls made through IP address. IP phone is just like a typical phone set but with IP configuration as having the basic hardware software.

Computer-to-Computer network is the easiest and nearly common way of making calls. You can make calls. Even there is no need to pay charges or less. By adding the relevant software you are ready to do call anywhere. Most if the time these companies offer free service with Internet Protocol. A computer must have soundcard, internet address, microphone and a speaker. Now install the software, your system is ready to send / receive the phone calls.

VoIP creates confusion in the minds of common folks that how a phone work with the help of IP. On the same internet connection which you are using already now restructure your phone onto it. The system is ready to make a phone call.

With the passage of time, IP will replace the general telephone system and set a new scope for the internet use. VoIP is providing the customers so many advantage; some of them are mentioned her,

  • IP telephony is economic as it uses the pre-installed internet setup.
  • No need to establish a connection as internet infrastructure is used by VoIP.
  • Long-distance calls are possible to make.
  • As this is an internet based phone so make a call from anywhere with internet connection.
  • Businessman has the ease of carrying this phone with them on their business trips.

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