What is Backhaul

What is Backhaul

Backhaul in telecommunications is responsible for the transportation of traffic between sub-units and the main-units. In simple words backhaul acts as a backbone for the distribution of data between subscriber station (sender) to the base station (receiver). And in simplest way Backhaul acts as a cart for transportation of data between different areas within.

Purpose of Backhaul

The purpose of backhaul is the need of sending data to the main point for further distribution to the sub channels.

Think about “backbone” you will certainly get an idea what the purpose it serves in a human body. Now the points from where all the infrastructure of the skeleton emerges are the points known as backhaul. In other words look at a tree with trunk and branches. The points where branches are attached with the trunk are known as node which in the terminology of telecommunication is called “backhaul” where data once stored at an access point for the further distribution. When you make a phone call, this information is firstly send to the tower and contact to the main system for the backhaul to uplink to the relevant terminal and downlinks it to individual cell phone. Offline backhauling is done for the broadcasting lately.

In setting up a wireless system, the makers used to define it as carrier for the data to the backbone. This backhauls is the process of transportation of information from sender to the ISP to locate the remote receiver. Backhaul is the carrier or cart responsible for the transportation of traffic or channels between the assigned sites also known as access points and central station.

Uses of Backhaul

The process of backhauling can be used in many ways like;

  • Wireless base station link up to the relevant control unit.
  • DSLAMs’ launches Ethernet node.
  • Corporate link to the local body network
  • Submarine’s launching pad control link to the national ground telecommunication system.

Measurements of Backhaul

Following are the measurements to be considered while adopting Backhaul;

  • Cost
  • Approach
  • Frequency bandwidth
  • Through optical fiber or wiring
  • capacity

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