What is Touch Screen

In the world of electronics, inventions are countless and awesome. The story of the screen starts from simple visual display and reaches the touch screen technology, the latest technology ever thought by human beings. The part of the screen’s story related to touch screen is quite interesting. Its electronic visual display responses when detect the touch at a certain place on the screen. This touch is generally a slight pressure of human hand or finger. Also this touch screen can sense an inactive thing. This inactive thing could be a stylus or nail, however, you cannot categorize the light pen with stylus being an active sensor.

One can recognize the touch screen with two very prominent features

  • When anyone touches the naked screen directly with the finger to the picture displays on it, will response to that touch. The need for an indirect system for example with mouse to use the application display on the screen.
  • There is no need to hold anything in fingers while intending to touch the screen. It is not a harmful so that you need anything in your hand to touch that screen. You can use it directly.

Developed by Dr. Sam Hurst, a professor at the University of Kentucky, when first specimen of touch introduced, it was not transparent consider a landmark in the screen technology. University of Kentucky has copyright reserved of the first specimen known as Elograph. The journey continued and in 1974, first transparent screen. Modern Elographics, a real touch screen, introduced in 1977 is widely used now-a-days, belongs to the resistive screen technology.

The story of touch screen to the knowledge of common folks from the first commercial computer previously it was using behind the scene. They really surprised and enjoyed this new technology. Touch screens are used in hospitals, ATM, in operating units of heavy industries or controlling the machines, touch screen locks. Touch screen is widely used in computer and TV displays and its demand is tremendously increasing.

  • Touch screen technology is introduced in variety of ways. In a daily life we find the use of touch screen, for example,
  • When we go to ATM machine to draw money we have to feed information this we can do by using the touch pad.
  • For the business presentation to demonstrate the point and navigating by touching the display material.
  • Touch screen is mostly user-friendly and make your work quick and easy.
  • In shopping mall, touch screen is an important accessory as it makes the work easy for both customer and salesperson.
  • In restaurant, menu placement, order point, booking system has been replaced with touch screen technology.
  • In present era, time is an important key to success. Self –service make it easy for the people to do their work themselves in hotels, restaurant, shopping malls with the help of automated machines operate able with touch screens. Every individual just know how to use the system hence save the time not only for themselves but others.

There is need to use the touch screen machine with great care as its sensor can be de-active because of misuse. Followings are the pre-cautionary measurements for using the touch screen;

  • Touch screen suffers from ergonomic when finger is used with stress more than needed. A touch screen is touch sensor and it is tuned to a certain pressure. Every individual has different style to touch and this difference sometimes become the reason of disorder of touch screen.
  • For avoiding the direct finger touch, fingernail touch is replaced but is not applicable for capacitive touch screen. Fingernail has the characteristic of not putting scratch on the screen.
  • Stylus is a passive object used to operate touch screen. In many sophisticated mobiles, I-pods, and computers have this accessory with them. Stylus is also not scratching the screen.

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