Types of Screen

Take a look around your world, how many things you find with the screen? There are TV, computers, laptops, mobiles, electronic appliances with touch screen display. All are made up of different types of screen technologies. Day by day advancement in technology is providing us with the most modified and easy to use appliances which lend a hand in our daily routine to make our work finish in time. Not only these technologies are time-saver but also very innovative.

There are different types of screen technologies which are now-a-days at its peak as compared to the past screen. These are

  • CRT- Cathode Rays Tube (Very first version of screen
  • OLED- Organic Light Emitting Diode
  • DLPT- Digital Light Processing Technology
  • LCD- Liquid Crystal Display (Rapidly replacing CRT)
  • Plasma Display- Latest version

Screen technology is becoming a part of our lives now. It helps us in a variety of ways. It is a useful medium for displaying and sharing information. People were not familiar with this technology till the first TV screen introduced. For a long time cathode rays tube screens were the only choice without any competition. With the advancement in screen technology, now we have choices rather always looking for the latest version whether it is the matter of purchasing new TV, latest mobile phone or laptop. Now CRTs is the thing of past. Many features like display quality, sizes of screens, resolution, and battery are considered much better in modern screens as compared to CRTs. This battle of screen technology has reached the peak of plasma screen which started from CRT. Among all the types of screen technologies LCD is becoming more popular because of its versatility, various sizes, and portability. LCD is light in weight, low power consumption, and is available in compatibility modes.

A limited range of LCD’s were introduced initially but by the time now it is creating a niche market of its own almost in every field such as watches, laptops, mobile, calculator, monitors, charge detector, and screens of digital toys etc.

Others screen technologies are also worth noting; OLED as name describes that it is made up of polymers which has the quality of emitting light itself so are thin and energy saver screen.

Digital light processor screens are capable of producing bigger image with the greater and better range of colour.

Screens with Plasma display have the quality picture with bigger display whereas field emission screen’s resolution is higher. Because of their high resolution they are like CRT screen but better in a sense that their image does not blur. This field emission at one side is its plus point with high resolution but on the other side due to this field emission life of the specific appliance become short. Electronic paper is also in its developing process to replace the previous screen in the field of information.

The process of evolution is continued and there is still hope for the new screen technology. Presently we have many choices of screen in front of us. The journey of the screen technology which began from CRT’s display in the heavy industry travelled through, LED, FED, and DLP and now has been reached to the LCD’s prevailing as niche is still continued.

New innovative ideas are also in progress to introduce new screen technology in the market like Electronic Paper for the common use to compete the LCD in respect of weight, available sizes and presentation versatility. The most common use of a screen technology is to impart knowledge effectively, communicate in a better way, to comprehend the things in better way and struggle is continued to develop the best screen ever.

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