Network Repeaters

Repeater is a powerful network device which is used to regenerate the signals, when they travel over a longer distance, so that the strength of the signal remains the same. Repeaters are used to establish Ethernet network. A repeater exists as the first layer of the OSI layer that is physical layer. Repeaters are used for cables which cover the needs of the 100 meters long cable. Repeaters are used to get signals from optical fibers, copper cables and coaxial cables. The repeaters have been developed to perform more important uses such as to regenerate the microwaves from a satellite; such repeaters are named as transponders. Hence repeaters are capable of carrying electric as well as light signals.

Use of Repeaters in Ethernet

In order to achieve greater and efficient signal length, often repeaters are used in the Ethernet. The purpose of the Ethernet repeater is to carry signal from one Ethernet cable and take it to the other cable without attenuation or loss of signal strength. More over repeater helps system to work powerfully by detecting any collision. If a repeater identifies any collision, it sends the signal to the all connected ports. Repeater is used to connect various segments in an Ethernet. A multiport repeater is often used for this purpose. If between two host devices there are more than five segments. Often repeaters can detect improper links; hence data flow is terminated till the accuracy or rectification of data. Repeaters are smart devices; they regulate the signals and control the signal flow. As a result the wires can be protected from damage or breakage. Repeaters also enable the continuous working of the network segments, if though if one of the segment is broken and it is unable to perform the function. Thus repeaters are helpful for the smooth functioning of wired networks.

Just like wireless routers, now there are wireless repeaters in the market. Wireless repeaters extend the range of your wireless signals, without embedding further wires or devices. If you require an instant and efficient boost to your detoriating signal strength, all you need to do is to place a wireless repeater between your computer and WAP. Wireless repeaters work by receiving radio signals from a WAP and regenerates and deliver it into the form of frames. The use of wireless repeaters offers an operator sufficient convenience to use wireless repeater instead of adding more access points .wireless repeaters can overcome the major weakness of wireless systems. This major weakness of wireless signals is termed as signal attenuation. Wireless repeaters are capable enough to enhance the coverage of wireless signals. When a repeater is placed in a remote location, where the network signals can travel, but become weak. The connectivity in such cases is increased due to the use of wireless repeaters. For example a person has to travel for its research project, if he or she carries the wireless repeater with him/her; he or she can regenerate the signals using repeater. This is due to the fact that covers the gapes in communication and provide flawless roaming.

Use of repeaters in star topology

In a LAN when each individual unit is provided an access to communicate directly with the central device or hub, it is termed as star topology. Topology can be defined as the physical set up to establish a network connection point. This central device is also called a multiport repeater. The purpose of this repeater is to allow the signal to travel over longer distances. Multiple ports Ethernet repeaters are used to overcome the deficiency of star topology cabling.

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