What are the Gateways

The link between two computers to connect to internet or another network is called gateway. The gateway works like a portal among two programs by means of communications between protocol and permit them to share data on same computers or among different computers. Gateways are also known as protocol converter that can perform at nay OSI model layer. The task of a gateway is very complex as compared to router and switch.

How Gateways Works

A gateway is a network point that works as an access to another network. Generally in intranet a node can be either a gateway node or the nodes that join the network are gateways. In large organization where the computers control the traffic between organization networks are gateway nodes. Like that the computers used by ISP to connect different user with each other at a time to the internet are gateway nodes. In a project of any business company computer server work as a gateway nodes and it may be proxy server or firewall some time. A gateway may connected to a router because a router exactly known where to through a given packet of data that appears at the gateway then a switch finalize the actual in and out path of the gateway for the specified packet .A gateway is a compulsory features of routes even though other devices can perform as a gateway. The operating system mostly used this term and internet connection sharing act as a gateway and creating a connection among internal network.

Gateway security

A gateway generally works as a safeguard to a local network and also connects the local network to public network. A gateway offers security just like a firewall with the technique of NAT. Gateway facilitating machine with local internet protocol addresses to access the internet via inclusive address of the gateway. Gateway get packets from the local network and alternate its exterior IP address and a new port address into the resource fields of the IP and UDP headers.

Gateway devices

A gateway is full of various types of devices which are essential to make available system interoperability as signal translators. The other devices are protocol translators, impedance matching devices, rate converters, and fault isolators. Some time gateway attached with both router and switch to perform action. When a user using home network with gateway has a transceiver used to set up a wireless connection.

Gateway usage, Uses of Gateways

There are many kind of usage of gateway in a network as listed below.

  • A gateway can be implemented in software, hardware and some time as a mixture of together. There are lots of equipments and techniques which are being processed such as voice and data communication.
  • The gateways are the best option to achieve the multimedia communications between dissimilar networks because every network has different protocol and characteristics.
  • Gateways are also a key mechanism of any telephony communications. Gateway is offering bridge between telephone network and internet.
  • For real time communication gateway supporting audio conversion and carry out extinction and call setup. Gateway also controls the processing information across the network which contains information about to set up the actual end to end call.
  • A network gateway work like a firewall and filters packets. It also separates corporate network as intranet from a public network.
  • A gateway may also install on a stand alone device. A gateway performs as the interface between local and wide area protocols such as TCP/IP on the Internet.
  • A gateway supervises its client devices, gather their data and execute other task. Gateway devices allow net client to access a variety of computer networks.
  • Gateway is also offering on-line services exclusive of having a preceding service agreement or a continuing association with the service supplier.

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