Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is now very popular with an increasing number of people opting for mobile broadband deals over home broadband. Mobile broadband works using the 3G phone network allowing you to get online using your laptop from any area covered by the network. Mobile broadband was initially popular with business people who needed broadband access on the move but has become very popular wit the wider population over the last 2 years.

Choosing the best mobile broadband package

When choosing a mobile broadband packages there are a number of things to consider to ensure that you get the best mobile broadband provider for your requirements. Firstly you need to consider data allowances. Typically mobile broadband packages have much lower download limits than home broadband deals. If you plan to download lots of information such as downloading movies or music then look for a deal with a higher download limit. Secondly you should consider the speed of the mobile broadband package. Mobile broadband speeds are currently much slower than home broadband meaning it is less suitable for activities that require a fast connection like online gaming. Finally check the contract length as some mobile broadband providers lock you into a lengthy contract which can be up to 24 months.

Pay as you go mobile broadband

If you want to avoid committing to a lengthy contract then pay as you go mobile broadband may be the best option for you. Pay as you go mobile broadband will only charge you for the data you use so it also a good option for those who only plan to use their mobile broadband connection occasionally. Recently there has been a shift away from contract deals towards pay as you go mobile broadband as many consumers want to avoid the financial commitment of lengthy contracts.

Mobile broadband coverage

Most mobile broadband providers will have a coverage checker on their site so you can check which providers cover your area before making a decision. Typically coverage is better and speeds are quicker in major towns and cities. Mobile broadband coverage and speeds are improving as the networks invest in improving their networks but speeds can still be slow in many areas at present. It is worth checking reviews on the mobile broadband provider you are considering as there can be a big difference in speeds dependent on which mobile network you are on.

Whilst one advantage of mobile broadband is that you will get coverage in most counties you should check the cost of using your mobile broadband connection abroad first as this can be very expensive. In many countries it would be much cheaper to buy a local pay as you go mobile broadband service as this will be charged at local rates and not subject to such high charges.

The future of mobile broadband

In the future 4G mobile broadband should be available which will facilitate much faster speeds and will allow mobile broadband to compete with home broadband services in terms of speed and data allowances making it a viable alternative for many more people. At present 3G mobile broadband is still a relatively new technology so it is likely to be some time before 4G technology emerges.

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