LTE Phones

Wireless Communication Standards set the principles as to what characteristics a generation has. Previously there are analog, CDMA, FDMA, TDMA and GSM standards are prevailed with the names 1G, 2G, 3G and now LTE Phones are entering on the horizon of wireless communication standard as 4G Technology. It has launched successfully in 2010 offering dynamic speed feature as compared to the previous technologies. However there is need to comprehend technology standard what 4G actually is because it is now exposed that in 2010 there was no 4G technology because it does not fulfill the requirements set by ITU for 4G.

LTE Phones are commonly associated with 4G technology but this is not substantially true. ITU splits the LTE technology into two variables;

(1) LTE – 3GPP: It is basically the improved form of 3G and is given the name of LTE – Third generation Partnership Project which is far better than 3G. Although at the time of its launching it was considered 4G technology – as an advertising strategy may be. Truth is that LTE 3GPP is not meeting the standards of 4G specification and is therefore denied as 4G instead of being comparatively faster.

LTE – Advanced: Here come the Original 4G standard according to the 4G specification. It is stunningly fast and accessorized with latest applications giving it the name of smartphone. LTE Phones increase the charm of making phone calls reduce the use of laptops as all the features are available in this smartphone.

LTE Phones are the Pandora box comprises of both evil and good features rather all are tend to be either evil or good depend upon the interaction of user with the device. Some of the features of LTE Phones are as follows;

  • Screen: LTE phones have LCD touchscreen with greater resolution which allow opening photos, videos, entertaining games and audio / video chat. The only flaw is the hindrance of multitasking as there is no key pad and all the functions are used by touch either of finger tip, stylus etc.
  • Cameras: LTE Phones are accessorized with three cameras for video chat, taking snaps and making videos. These are known as front and rear facing cameras give you an advance touch.
  • Wireless Connectivity: LTE Phones are smart enough to transfer data through wireless connection to the TV and computers.
  • Processor: LTE Phones have a unique feature of dual core processors that is an additional backup to speed up the functions of phones. Although LTE Phones have plethoric applications yet its speed is not slowed down. Dual processors support it with powerful backward compatibility feature to improve its working. These chip based processors are very strong to run all the programs efficiently.
  • Applications: LTE Phones have numbers of applications like games, documentation, web browsing and much more.

LTE Phones are really a treat in which cellular and computer technologies are provided in dynamic forms. It is a complete netbook with phone facility when you are travelling and increase your reliability.

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