What is LAN (Local Area Network)

LAN stands for Local Area Network, LAN (Local Area Network) is a network which is established to meet the needs of small areas. It can be applied to home, offices, airports and in small college computer labs. The idea of developing LAN is to utilize the fast data transfer over a small geographical area. LAN (Local Area Network) was developed with a view to establish better interconnections within the individual computer units. LAN (Local Area Network) network is preferred due to its fast access and affordability. LAN (Local Area Network) is employed to build successful sophisticated network for data sharing.

How LAN Works

Early LAN (Local Area Network) networks were formed using coaxial cable, coax is an electric cable and it is used to carry radio signals. LAN (Local Area Network) setup is developed by connecting two or more than two computers with each other using a physical connection in order to share files and data overtime. The basic application of this cable is to connect the radio transmitters with their antennas. However it is also used for developing internet connections and for distributing cable channels. Most common type of developing LAN (Local Area Network) network is the Ethernet. Ethernet is usually termed as a major data and physical link layer technology. Ethernet is often associated with the name of engineer Robert Metcalfe. Ethernet today can give the maximum data rate of up to 100 Mbps. Ethernet has proved to be an effective way to serve as a data transfer medium for internet protocols. Usually Ethernet cables are extended to the length of 100 meters, but this is not the ultimate limit. Ethernet cables can be extended according to the need. When you decide to develop a LAN (Local Area Network), try to use the specialized software like the Microsoft windows. Microsoft widows provide special internet sharing features which help LAN (Local Area Network).

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

The wireless connection that enables you to connect with your LAN (Local Area Network), while you move around is known as WLAN or wireless local area network. The worldwide trend of carrying and using laptops has decreased the use of traditional LANs. Moreover the office workers who possess laptops often prefer WLAN, so that they can do their office work at home while they remain connected to their LAN. WLAN are admired due to their ease of installment and wireless arrangements. The first wireless LAN was ALOHA net, which was invented by Norman Abramson In 1970.wireless distribution system is the one in which many different access points are linked without the Hassel of wires involved. Wireless LANs are of many types. Wireless LAN can be peer to peer or can be an adhoc network.

Application of LAN and benefits of LAN

Applications of LAN (Local Area Network) is widely used in universities, some banks, in homes and in some air reservation systems. LAN enables you to store data in any central computer from where it can be shared throughout the organization. File transfer and recovery is easy in a LAN (Local Area Network) network because backup files are stored in a single server. Restricted LAN PCs offers enough security to the data because only authentic users can share and access data. LAN (Local Area Network) helps you to save the installation cost of various soft wares, because resources are managed and shared centrally. Moreover expensive hardware devices such as laser printers, CD writers and scanners can be used equally from each individual unit. User files can be accessed from many different workstations. The ease of sharing resources and hardware devices reduces the cost of employing independent printers and scanners. This sharing reduces cost and increases productivity. The risk of data loss is reduced due to the effective physical backup system. The recovery of lost data with the help of data recovery soft wares involves additional cost. However physical backup support also helps to cover this additional cost.

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