iPhone 4S, Features & Specifications

Between the launch and handling of iPhone 4, although hype attached to iPhone was much reduced yet craze for more remains there always and associated with Apple till Steve Jobs here. Not possible to predict about future but yes Steve jobs always exploded bomb shell among the masses. iPhone 4S is not an exception. It also has some pomp-pomp attached with it like the most notable feature Siri software for voice controlled.

The iPhone 4S is surely a hand on its predecessors having unique specifications and amazing features. Its A5 processor, improved signal strength and camera quality and hardware modifications are all stunning.

iPhone 4S Specifications

Size: While compared to iPhone 4, iPhone 4S has 4.5 inches height, 2.31 inches width, and 0.37 inches depth makes it more smart, light weight and attractive. It weighs 140 gm and is much lighter than all the Smartphone available till now.

Network: It is called World phone having two standard GSM and CDMA. UMTS are operable at 850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz whereas GSM / EDGE workable on 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz It is also Wi-Fi enabled with the standard 802.11 b/ g / n. Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology is also has access.

Display: Like its predecessor, it also has retina display allows multi touch having 960 x 640 pixels. This display eases the watching of off time show by downloading it.

Camera: After experiencing problem in iPhone 4, camera is introduced with much more quality and high definition picture. 8 – mega pixel camera is capable of auto focusing and enable tap to focus. And allow face detection in still images. It has LED flash capable of recording HD video with audio as well as front camera with VGA snap quality.

Battery: It has built in battery to recharge and is rechargeable through USB port. It give talk time of nearly 8 hours / 3G with standby time of 200 h. Internet can be used for 6 hours and audio / video 40 / 10 hours.

iPhone 4S Features

There are some attractive feature also pack in iPhone 4S that compel the users magnetically. These features are incredibly worthy and a source of fun and knowledge.

Email Attachment: Attachment is possible in multiple of formats with email. Push Email exclusive feature is available with attachment support.

System Demand: Original Apple ID to access some of the hot features, also internet access and synchronization of iTunes requires through PC. It runs on MAC, PC with Windows 7 and download access to iTunes.

Personal Assistant Software (Siri): Siri is the marketing hot keyword to attract the iPhone users to upgrade their iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S. The Siri software take different little assistance from other and facilitate us like a remote control in our hand. Siri can explore the iPhone on the command prompt by the user. Google is the competitor but Apple has the lead to be the newest one. Siri allows you to prompt a command. Siri is interesting software that can tell you how to carry a command on phone. Your phone will certainly reply to your command.

Like iPhone 4 it is also available in two specific colors; white and black. The iPhone 4 S is super luxury accessory that is doing miracle in nearly every field like TV, radio, technology, medical etc. etc. etc.

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