Apple iPhone 4G – iPhone 4G Features

Apple’s iPhone 4G launched couple of months ago and iPhone 4G is one of the hottest talk of the town. Everybody is interested to know about its features, it’s plus and minus points. Everywhere, whether in universities, colleges, café’ or clubs etc. iPhone 4G topic is the most favorite one.

Steve Jobs introduces this new IPhone 4G with nearly hundred of new features. Claimed by Gizmodo the epitome of iPhone, this iPhone 4G has some totally new and useful features which are really welcomed by the new generation as fulfilling their need of the hour.

Take a closer look of this iPhone 4G model you will find these characteristics;

  • Stainless steel body
  • Glass top
  • exceptionally thin
  • side buttons for volume controls
  • easily approached sim-tray
  • camera on front with microphone on the back
  • top second microphone for noise control
  • button for sleep or wake mode
  • headset input

No doubt all the above mentioned characteristics of iPhone 4G are appealing and are the main reason for its popularity. Jobs focus is on the all round steel band which is actually the reason of beguiling. Jobs point of view is that this steel band works as the antenna of the phone. All the wireless based functions in iPhone 4G are supported by the antenna.
iPhone 4G Features

A brief glance of this iPhone 4G mobile will surely excite you and you would like to know about iPhone 4G features.
iPhone 4G Display

Retina display is an extraordinary feature conceived from human eye incorporate into iPhone 4G. It increases 4x the density of the pixel which is equal to the LCD’s typical 326 pixels display. It has a display of 3.5 inches having the resolution power of 960 x 640 pixels greater than a human eye’s potential while holding at 10 – 12 inches away. This retina display feature of the iPhone gives it a look of a book page instead of a grid appearance.
iPhone 4G Processor

The IPhone 4G has an A4 processor. It increases the power back up many times as compared to other mobile phones. It improves the functionality and time period of talk time, networking hours, web browsing. Apple rename the iPhone OS into iOS 4 as this iPhone support multitasking like that of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. At a time one can enjoy music while checking combined inbox, shuffles the folder at home screen, play game.


iPhone 4G Really a stunning improvements!

Addition of gyroscope for mobile gaming is an attractive feature of iPhone 4G for the game-lovers in.


iPhone 4G Camera

IPhone 4G has a 5 – mega pixel camera having sensor at its back for illumination. This sensor captures an increased amount of light which gives good quality photographs especially in case of darkness. iPhone 4G supports editing and sharing of videos. Music can be added to the movies as well.
Internet on iPhone 4G

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has an option of being a default search engine of iPhone 4G. Still Bing or yahoo is not replacing the Google default search engine.
Special Features of iPhone 4G

A very special feature of iPhone 4G is a facility of downloading iBooks without any extra charges which are specially prepared and announced for the iPhone. Now publishers have a new market in front of them.
IPhone provides a platform for the iAds which promotes the better prospects for iAds developers. This will not interrupt the application in-use and still broadcast. On the other side it is a great opportunity for the advertising companies to revolutionize their medium.
iPhone 4G Video Calling

Now it is possible to do video calling with iPhone 4G. Enabling the picture – in – picture both side cameras can be used simultaneously. So you can do Face Time calls also the switching of camera to whether rear mounted or front facing camera.

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