iPhone 4, Features & Specifications

iPhone 4 is the most hyped phone as rumors spread around the Tinsel Town (suppositional) about its feature and prototype as well as millions of its pre orders were placed even before its launch.

iPhone 4 is the successor of iPhone 3.5G and is operable on two parallel networks of CDMA and GSM. It is released on year before and is the most discussed phone ever. I t was promoted with immensely inspired features like face time calling, unique exposed antenna, LED light display with resistive touch screen.

From market perspective these features inspired the mass so much that they become crazy to have one and want to be the first buyer.

If we see as media perspective, they were there to place a verdict against what it vows. As all the claimed features were tested and even Steve Jobs was asked to explain about its faulty version in the court. There were corrections made by Apple’s platform about its connection dropping problem and other such issues.

Apple after launching its Smartphone’s iPhone versions was in the total limelight. Media where tried hard to effect its repute badly there users were continuously getting excited after having such an amazing gadget at hand. So nothing effects its popularity and demand and its still the first choice of any customer.

iPhone 4 Specifications

There are many important specification offered by iPhone 4 that are welcomed by the users and increased its publicity.

Size: It is the smartest and lightest of all iPhone predecessors. It has 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm dimension and weigh on 137 g.

Retina Display: An attractive marketing strategy used by Apple for its iPhone-4 version by highlighting its retina display characteristic. Its capacitive touch screen with 640 x 960 pixels accommodates multi touch.

Accelerometer sensor: This allows auto rotate having 3 axis gyro sensor that has the ability to sense the proximity sensor for switching off automatically.

Data Storage: A phonebook with uncountable contact entries and could keep total of 100 calls (incoming / missed / dialed) record. It has inbuilt memry feature of 16 / 32 GB storage with 512 MB RAM.

Connectivity: It supports GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN and Bluetooth all types of services but no infrared port. This has made iPhone 4 a universal phone as never connection gets fail. It also supports a USB port through its charging slot.

Camera: It has 2592 x 1944 pixels camera with LED flash support. However, after sale an object on the poor quality of its camera was made and corrected in its successor iPhone 4S.

Operating System: It has an iPhone 4 OS and is also upgradable to iOS 5. There is an ARM of 1 GHz with Cortex – A8 processor and having an Apple A4 chipset.
Antenna: The most talked feature of iPhone 4 is its Antenna. It is a frame made of stainless steel in which two alum inosilicate glass panels are embedded where frame acts as an antenna of the phone.

IPhone 4 Features

There are many other noticeable features like important specifications that are the true reason to make the users stick to it.

Face Time: The iPhone 4 gives the joy of face time calling to have innate feeling for the person to whom call is made.

Texting: Threaded text like chat appeared in the SMS box allows iMessage, MMS, Email and even Push Email to give maximum ease to its users.

Battery: It has standard Apple battery that gives stand – by up to 300 h and talk time of 14 h while 40 h of music play.

Accessories like Twitter, I Cloud, Google Map, GPS are the additional features of iPhone making it the first choice of the customer.

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