Apple iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3g is developed by Apple Inc. and is manufactured by Foxconn. It is released on July 11, 2008. The popularity of the iPhone 3g can be accessed by it sale as one million units were sold during the first weekend of its introduction. It came with the slogan ‘Half the price, twice the speed’ and sold like hot cakes. Its distribution is stopped after the release of iPhone 3gs and now software update is provided by Apple however operating system from third party software are available.

Incredible IPhone 3G Specifications

Weight & Size: It is available in the size of 115.5 / 62.1 / 12.3 dimension and its weight is 133gm.

Upgraded Frequency Band: The iPhone 3g, the second generation mobile, comes as an improvement to its predecessor and is worked on the frequency of GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. It is upgraded to 3g network capable of having frequency of HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100.

Upgradable OS: It has OS 2.0 accessorized with App. Store, MobileMe, one click email access and bug fixing facility. It was upgraded in a year to OS 3.0 with MMS, copy/paste and novel feature of dual orientations; portrait or landscape.

Battery: A plus point is its battery that is capable of stand by for more than 300 hours or gives talk time of 10 hours or supports music for 25 hours to play.

Processor: Apple iPhone 3g has CPU of AM 11 that is under locked to 412 MHz supported by Power VR. It has GPU of MBX-Lite for 3D graphics.

Memory: It has a farcical memory of 8GB / 16 GB storage capacity with 128 MB RAM.

Fabulous iPhone 3G Features

Apple iPhone 3G comes with 16 GB virtual memory and with much more added features like faster web browsing, email correspondence, compass and ease of watching video. The best thing about iPhone 3g is that it is possible side by side at the same time while making a call.

Screen & Color: The iPhone 3g has a capacitive touchscreen and is available only in two colors white and black.

Internet: The internet is available through GPRS, EDGE and 3g HSDP. It also catches the signals through Bluetooth 2.0 with the support of headset only. It provides internet through WLAN functional on the Wi-Fi 802.11.b/g.

WWW: iPhone 3g is subjected to HTML Safari for web browsing activities. This gives an exciting experience to its user to search and explore the web while on the go. It helps the user to make impressive document by searching and researching the topic extensively through web.

Cheap Communication Gadget: The iPhone 3g makes the communication cheaper with the hype of speed. It enables threaded texting and MMS exclusive feature which was not available in previous version. It records voice memo and has integrated hands-free option.

Apps. Store: A very useful feature is the availability to access the App. Store through iPhone 3g. Millions of games and other applications are available on App. Store that can be either downloaded free or paid as per the nature of Application.

Camera: Apple iPhone 3g has very ordinary camera of 2 mega pixels with only 1600 / 1200 pixels zooming.

Recreational Tool: It features iPod with audio / video player. It acts like TV supporting by an output. It is accessorized with a jack for headset of 3.5mm.

Editor: It helps to browse and edit photos and these photos can be used in caller directories for id, desktop or screen savers. These photos can be easily MMS and can shared the cherished moments with your loved ones.


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