Apple iPAD 2

The second generation of Apple iPad is now available in the market named Apple iPad 2. Apple iPad is the Apple product that is specially designed into tablet computer and now Apple iPad 2 is developed into more refined form to enhance the experience of using it. This Apple iPad 2 is introduced with improve AV Aids that supports films, music, periodicals, eBook’s, games and net surfing etc.

The Apple iPad 2 is selling like a hot cake in the market with the launching ceremony through online market and relevant outlets. It’s pasts one month and Apple has sold millions of Apple iPad 2 and is still expecting huge sale in near future. The logic behind its quick and continuous selling is its features as it supports all advanced PC feature and is still affordable.

Apple iPad 2 Features

Following are the features of Apple iPad 2.

Apple iPad 2, i-OS 4.3.1

It’s better to talk about latest more advanced features now found in Apple iPad 2. It has 4G OS Advance that is bug enabled to functionalize the graphics and also approaching cellular networks.

Apple iPad 2 Audio / Video

The Apple iPad 2 is accessorized with mono type speaker also has the port for AV Adapter by Apple with good frequency and stereo feature. Video experience is also very refreshing and support HD quality video.

Apple iPad 2 Active Screen

Apple iPad 2 has rotational screen. Apple removes the black tap from all round the Apple iPad 2 and accessorized with glass technology which is not lighter but also impregnable nearly as compared to Apple iPad.

Apple iPad 2 Battery

The Apple iPad 2 is coming with 25 watts battery that is made up of lithium-polymer for recharging. It supports 10 hours running time same as in Apple iPad. It has both options for recharging either with USB or adapter.

Face-time Camera

Apple iPad 2 comes with two additional cameras; front & rear that enables Face Time mobile calls. These cameras are with high pixel quality and can shoot still photos as well as videos.

Apple iPad 2 A5 Processor

Apple iPad 2 comes up with dual core A5 processor by Apple. It speeds up the functionality of tablet and increases the graphics to process with greater speed.

Apple iPad 2 Appearance

The new Apple iPad 2 has a very rare look as it is very light in size and thinner than Apple iPad by reducing the space between battery and screen. This reduction in space not only reduces the weight but also makes it quite thin.

Apple iPad 2 Cover / Stand

A unique accessory seen in the Apple iPad 2 is its cover that is made up of microfiber inside and leather or polyurethane outside. The underlay keeps the screen clean all the time and overlay is stylish and attractive with choices of colors. An important thing about the cover is that it works as a stand for Apple iPad 2 and provide visual display to work easily.

Apple iPad 2 Advantages

Apple iPad 2 increases the digital screen experience many times more than any other cellular technology.

  • Its camera facilitates the user to make immediate contact with the caller through Face Time talk.
  • It has audio / visual aid to support the chat with Face Time Talk while doing work.
  • It enables wireless keyboard to ease the work.

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