What is Intranet

A network that uses technologies of internet protocol to share any type of information within association or Business Company is called Intranet. So we can say that intranet is an inner protected business environment. The phrase is used in contrast to internet. Intranet is a network among association or may be wide part of the organization’s information expertise. Intranet can hold many websites and represent a significant constituent of internal partnership and communication. Intranet supports human resources, sales department, accounting department, and information system. The main contents of an Intranet are followings.

Intranet Overview

The conception and technologies used for Intranet are the same as in internet such as TCP/IP, client server computing etc. All type of well known protocol used in the technology of intranet such as FTP, HTTP, and SMTP. The objective behind the deployment of Internet is to make available contemporary interface to bequest information system hosting commercial data. Intranet also called a private analog of the internet restricted to an organization or association. The very foremost home page for websites of intranet becomes observable in 1990-1991.

The early user of Intranet technologies are corporations and universities. The contrast of intranet to extranet while intranet generally controlled employees of any business company but extranet may also be accesses to suppliers, customers and others. Extranets enlarge a personal network onto the Internet with unusual requirements for access, approval, and verification. Internet offered a gateway to the internet with a firewall which helpful to protect the intranet from unauthorized external access.


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