Limitations of Internet Connection Sharing

Following are the basic limitations of sharing internet connection.

  • Internet Connection sharing has great features but have some limitation as listed below
  • As we know Internet Connection sharing uses DHCP but there is no method through which it can be renew. DHCP let out using ICS.
  • Internet Connection sharing service is also not convertible in conditions of which addresses are making use for the internal subnet
  • Internet Connection sharing included no necessities for bandwidth restrictive or other features familiar to new advanced systems, that can be also shared with dial-up mobile modems, and Wi-Fi.

Requirements for Setting up a Network with Internet Connect Sharing
Primary computer

For setting up a connection you have to need a computer which is also called gateway must be running at least Windows 98 second edition having internet connection ability.

More computers
For a network more than one computer are compulsory running windows such as window Me, windows 98, or window NT and TCP/IP enable client depend on client or system requirements.


For a setup you have to need different devices having ability to connect to internet

Network Connection

Have to need a network connection device for all computers using in network

Cables and Hubs

You have to need cables and hubs for a network depend on the type of connection.


A single ADSL modem line for establish a network connection.

Internet browser software

For installation process you have to need software and TCP/IP drivers for each device that distribute the connection.

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