Internet Connection Sharing

Internet Connection Sharing makes possible internet access accessible for computers in a local area network and for it only an external IP address is needed. After installation process the user gate will automatically distinguish accessible network interfaces, and prepared to route the travel from LAN to internet by network address transformation. The name of Internet Connection Sharing is specified by Microsoft to a feature of its OS. It facilitates the user to share single connection on one computer among all other computers on the same LAN by using NAT and DHCP. IP addresses of local computers are invisible due to NAT for the reason that packets outgoing or incoming the LAN are thrown from or to the IP address of the outer adapter on the ICS host computer. One or two network interface cards are necessary for internet connecting sharing and also offering configuration for other devices.

Internet Connection sharing competence

  • Internet Connection Sharing offering internet access to the several users by the use of single connection and it is possible with dial up and LAN connection.
  • The DNS and DHCP decide internet names and make possible to obtain visible network configuration of associated devices
  • Any type of windows based client from 98 to 2000 or adult having IP connected device can hook up with internet exclusive of any client software.
  • Internet Connection sharing offering inclusive protocol support to attached software and devices.
  • Because of ICS a user can play video games and use PPTP and VPN to get access to your mutual network with no any further configuration.

Internet Connection sharing Components

There are various type of interconnect sharing components as following

DHCP allocator

DHCP allocator consigns the internet protocol address, name server and gateway on the local area network.

DNS Proxy

DNS Proxy determines the names on behalf of local area network clients and onward inquiries.

Network Address Translation

NAT is a set of private addresses to put of community addresses. Network Address Translation also follows private resource IP addresses and public target IP addresses for outbound stream. It also makes changes in IP addresses and changes the necessary IP header information with dynamism.


Auto-dial make easy and fast access to internet via automatically dials connections.

Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Application programming interfaces make possible fast control of different applications, status, and configuration.

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