Introduction: Intellectual Challenge in WiMAX Research

As far as the intellectual challenge is concerned, this research paper will give me an opportunity to evaluate the technical problem in the security aspect of WiMAX Technology . This work would not be easier because it basically requires in depth knowledge of the protocols and access layers that combine and form a WiMAX technology itself. To understand the WiMAX technology and the working process requires extensive research about the subject, including the past and present work as well as the research.

I personally think it is a real challenge for me that I am working on such a subject that really going to identify the problem and propose the primary solution for the WiMAX technology that it does not seems easy for me. But on the other hand I believe that this is the opportunity for me to work on the authentication factor of the WiMAX that give me knowledge to understand the technical problems related to authentication. This would be my first experience to research on the technical case of encryption for the WiMAX technology that involve detailed study about the methods and techniques.

To understand the methods and techniques that involved in the jamming of the WiMAX network require a detailed study about the tools involved in denial of service attacks, how they works and at what layer they likely to attack and what extent they can harm the network or system. It is also a challenge for me to propose the solution for the enhancement and prevention of WiMAX security that involve network manipulation with spoofed management frames and it is also require extensive research to understand.

The certificates involved in the subscriber station needs to be understood before applying it to the subscriber station that require detailed study about the different security certificates. It also require the understanding of the Wi-Fi networks, how they are different from the WiMAX technology and how the WiMAX is more reliable and secure as compare to Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies. It also require an investigation about how we can integrate them to provide WiMAX services to the Wi-Fi users and service providers

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