IMT Advanced : WiMAX & IMT Advanced

IMT-Advanced is one step ahead of IMT-2000. This IMT-Advanced, previously called ‘system beyond IMT-2000’, is introduced after seeing the limitation of sending data up to 30 Mbps that is not suitable according to the current demand. The increasing demand for the high data with fast delivery has seen in the field. Previous standard IMT-2000 was unable to fulfill so IMT-Advanced developed to compete with the market similar products.

IMT Advanced, also known as “systems beyond IMT 2000” is expected to offer constant higher data rates with high mobility to assure likely growing need for mobile WiMAX services that goes beyond what IMT 2000 can afford to provide. IMT Advanced is awaiting technology that will require 3 to 5 years in the future with target maximum data rates, for research and examination, of up to 100 Mbits/sec in high mobility applications and up to 1 Gbit/sec in low mobility or nomadic applications. The capacity expected by IMT Advanced is often referred to as 4G. It is commonly acknowledged that Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDM) technology will be integrated in IMT Advanced in near future to get more the maximum benefits from the WiMAX. (WiMAX Forum)

IMT-Advanced will take time to achieve the set target for setting the wireless standard that could handle wide range and high data. The suggested speed is 100 Mbit/s for the mobile users while 1 Gbit/s for the fixed users. The standard sometimes categorized under 4G technology standard. To increase the capability of WiMAX a technology standard OFDM is integrating with the IMT-Advanced. This will surely boost the range as well as data amount of information for transmission.

IMT-Advanced has set these coming years to develop a new standard that will be given name as 802.16m and will categorize under IEEE STD 802.16. This would be suitable to meet the basic requirement to achieve IMT-Advanced. This step is for making radio interoperability and flexible frequency bandwidth to support numbers of mobile and fixed users.

“IMT Advanced is a continuing effort. The full criteria, being extended within ITU-R Working Party 8F, are not expected until 2008. The specification of IMT Advanced technologies will probably not be completed until at least 2010. In preparation for IMT Advanced, the IEEE 802.16 Working Group has moved to initiate a new project designated as “802.16m” with the intent of developing enhancements to IEEE STD 802.16 to ensure suitability as an IMT Advanced proposal”. (WiMAX Forum)

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