How to Improve Wi-Fi Reception

Notification icon for the weak signal of Wi-Fi reception in window means there is need to improve the access point or router to receive the quality Wi-Fi reception. There are many ways to boost the signals. Take some of these measurements will result in the form of improvement of Wi-Fi Reception than before. These tips not only improve the Wi-Fi reception but also increase the speed of internet connectivity and download speed of data.

First of all find the right place for the router. Find the axis of the house this could be the ideal place if there are many users at home. The plus point of placing the router in the middle of house is that it provides same signal strength to all users and hence no depletion of signal.

What are the reasons for depletion of Wi-Fi signals? If router is placed near the outer wall, the density of signal would be towards outer side and weak signals would be towards desired direction. Similarly, a metal object or mirror depletes the signals as well. So be sure there is no metal object or mirror between the router and PC, laptops or video console.

Most of the time the placement of either the router or the PC matters, can be adjusted by moving these a few inches only. Escalation of the router at certain height is also effective. It helps to prevent any type of hindrance in receiving and spreading Wi-Fi signals.

Also the frequencies of different techno objects hinder or even block the Wi-Fi signals. A gadget with 2.4 GHz interferes with the frequency of router.

Do you remember that for receiving the clear picture in TV or video, you were busy in adjusting the antenna in right direction? This tip also comes handy and works wonderfully. If still Wi-Fi Reception is poor then replace with bigger antenna. There are different types of antenna available in the market like height oriented, directional whether right or left, or standard antennas. Mostly standard antenna is attached with the router with spread equal signals to all direction but choose the one which improve the Wi-Fi signals.

Right choice of the Wi-Fi signals receiving equipment also matter. For this take guide from the sales person and acting upon it will boost the receiving activity of the router. The equipment for receiving the Wi-Fi signals is based on a router and adaptor. The compatibility of both these items will improved.

There are two different types of wireless networking. First is 802.11b and is more common while the other is 802.11g, an improved model. Both are responsible for improving the Wi-Fi Reception however second is faster than the first model. Installation of drivers update in windows also improves Wi-Fi Reception. Different router models with different and improve compatibility mode are introduced and also the software to improve the performance of old adaptor are available.

Wireless repeater is an aid to enhance the signal receiving activity of the wireless router. Addition of this wireless repeater between PC and wireless router surely improve Wi-Fi reception. It’s a good tip for not only improving the Wi-Fi Reception but also exemption from wiring.

All of the above mentioned techniques are somewhat authentic and a sure way to improve the Wi-Fi reception. It helps to boost the performance of router hence improved strength of Wi-Fi signals.

There are many other personal designed Wi-Fi booster techniques like the one we use at our home by applying the aluminum sheet on the wall facing the router.

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