Identity Theft threat to WiMAX Technology

Another major threat to WiMAX is Identity Theft; this method includes reprogramming of a device with the hardware address of another device. The address can be stolen over the air by interrupting management messages. A rogue Base Station (BS) is an attacker station which act as a genuine Base Station (BS). It confuses a set of Subscriber Stations or Mobile Stations when attempting to get service through what they believe being a genuine Base Station (BS). It is complicated in WiMAX networks because of time division multiple access (TDMA) model. In this case, the attacker must transmit while the real Base Station (BS) is transmitting, with more signal strength and place the real Base Station (BS)’s signal in the background, additionally attacker has to capture the identity and wait until a time slot of genuine Base Station (BS) starts transmitting the data.

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