What is I-Mode Technology

The most demanded feature of all the communication devices is network accessibility. I-Mode technology has revolutionized the whole world. I-Mode is like the miniature of internet as mobiles are quite smaller. It is specially designed for the mobile to get access to internet through it. Regarding regular websites, which are designed to surf on PC, take longer time to open in Wi-Fi mobiles. This creates problem in mobiles as the application hang on for longer time and make difficult to use ordinary phone while browsing net.

I-Mode is a unique technology introduced by Japan in 1999 by NTT Do Como for the first time as a complete communication port either through phone service, mail or web information. Here I- tells that this portal will help you to access all type of information available on net. Now you do not need to disconnect from internet while receiving or making a phone call. Japanese goes for the internet option incorporated in the mobiles as they cannot bother to ask WAP to provide internet access. They need free hold internet anywhere anytime to not to sacrifice one feature for the sake of other.

I-Mode Technology Features

An I-mode mobile has an appealing feature with the I-button is placed in the top-middle position of keypad. You do not need to connect, one you have activated the I-mode feature it is available to you twenty four hours a week. You are available to your contact from either connection. Also you can take help from this information service. If you want to reserve a plan ticket, you would like to go through the departure time table. This you could do with the help of mobile as the information is available on the sight. You can correspond and get reserved your seat virtually without even visiting the office.

I-Mode Advantages

I-Mode technology gives the ease of internet connectivity without any extra charge. You just need to pay the connection charges and the amount of data download not the time limitation. I-Mode makes you free to remain online without paying extra money as you subscribe for the connection once.

How I-Mode Technology Works

It is very important to understand the I-mode technology. However it is not very complicated to understand and even a piece of cake for the website developers. Website developers are used to design web pages in HTML language to upload it. Now I-mode is a miniaturist form of this internet. It only requires small changes to the same webpage without deleting or removing the data to make it compatible for the mobiles. Some of the additional security frames and bold frames covering the web page are required to remove to make it compatible with the mobile screen resolution. A reliable step taken by the Do Como is that they made venture with the website developers to make some information oriented sites into I-mode form. I-Mode send information in the form of small packets to deliver quality service o their clients. Every component of the internet supplying has been changed into mini shape like you close the whole information in a small packet to make it possible for the large data to move easily.

I-Mode, the same technology previously and currently has been using in the PCs and laptops to access the internet. The difference is as mobile is a smart little gadget to take away with you anywhere so is the urge for internet connectivity called for the miniature form of internet service. All the web pages specially designed with iHTML language to access through mobile. If there are thousands official I web pages there are thousands unofficial web pages also available. You have a variety to go through your choice.

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