How to make computer networks

Making a computer network is based upon its working environment whether it is home and small business or comparatively bigger canvas. When and how this concept of computer networking evolved? You can comprehend it as in an office environment when one need to connect with the other without leaving the place then the concept of LAN appears. To learn about how to make computer network we have to know about the types first.

Planning Computer Network Types

LAN stands for local area network. It makes the work quick and easy. Now the branch of the same office started working in another area of city. They also need to communicate with each other. It is very difficult to leave the work and go to the other branch. If you left the office after finishing the work, still it is hectic to spend extra time for taking report of the other office as well. So the solution comes in the shape of MAN.

MAN stands for metropolitan area network and an authentic way to get data from the other branch at the same time while there is no need to leave your place. As per demand of the intercity connectivity WAN comes as a helping hand It helps to connect the branches of the same office situated at different cities.

WAN is for wide area network and it facilitates to receive the data on your spot. First of all this networking was supported by one server. This server connects to the other server in another country and ultimately a web developed into a world wide web (www). And now you can connect through internet anywhere and anytime to receive the required information.

Selecting Computer Network Infrastructure

It is necessary to talk about the two options used to create these networks. These two choices are wired network and wireless network. Basically it is the game of accessibility and possibility hence wireless is more convenient and effective than wired networking.

Selecting right Computer Network Topology

Then there are different topologies according to which you have to adopt your networking. Working in a LAN environment Liner bus topology is the easiest one. The plus point of this topology is that it won’t cover larger space and negative point is that in case of main cable failure whole system stops working. Also ring topology could be used in LAN environment working clockwise or anticlockwise but the problem is same as in bus topology.

Star topology is suggested in home and small business environment within LAN. It has an edge over bus and ring topologies because there is no threat of system failure if one computer fails to work suddenly. Still numbers of computers are limited in all these topologies.

As per WAN networking, being covered a wide region it need a specific topology like tree or mesh. Tree topology is the combination of bus and star topologies. It enables to work independently to every computer while attaching with the server. In tree topology many stars are interconnected by using the backbone model of bus topology. So there is an increase in the basic equipment but with more security and convenience. Keeping the process of photosynthesis in mind you can better understand its function. As every individual leaf is able to prepare food so is the case with every computer attach to it. In case of breaking one leaf or even a branch others remain in working condition, this tree topology works in the same way.

Mesh topology is the latest networking design basic and works like a router by detecting its range and adopt the safe and quick way to deliver message direct to the selective computer.

As topologies are the basic components of computer network its understanding is necessary before designing a computer network. Next step is the selection of networking mode whether it is better to have peer-to-peer network or server-client network. In peer-to-peer networking computers are directly connected and can be shared only if the designated computer from where data has to share is on. Client-server networking is more function and useful because every computer is directly attached to the server. This type of networking enables everyone to keep files, data, and important information on the server and any relevant person can access it through this networking.

Devices & Components used in Computer Network

All types of computer network designs are based on same apparatus like server, hub, switch, router, and network adaptor. These network adaptors are now-a-days inbuilt in all the machines desired to be shared in networking. In peer-to-peer network only network cable is attached through the RJ45 port commonly known as NIC card and these two computers are making a network through cross cable. One computer works as a server. While in client-server network, a server is the main component of networking. First of all install a server operating system. After the installation of server software it is ready to access the clients. All the clients are added one by one in the server directory with the help of an IP address for making a closed network. Any computer wants to be the part of that network need an IP address for accessing the data.

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