How to Configure Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi network technology is most popular and widely used now days. Wi-Fi facilitates the user to connect with internet over a distance of 32 to 95 meters depending on the environment. Wi-Fi technology is providing two types of operating modes such as Ad hoc mode which is a peer to peer mode and connects two systems with wireless adapters to one another, and second is infrastructure mode which make possible to join two computers via wired network by using access points.

Configuration of Wi-Fi network

First of all you have to need different equipment’s which can support at least three wireless technologies such as 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g but for Wi-Fi the best suit is 802.11g, because it provides high quality performance and compatible with almost everything. You have to require a broadband internet connection; wireless router. And a computer with built in wireless network adapter. A Wi-Fi network can be configuring by using following process or method.

Installing a Wireless Router

Wireless router used to support a wireless network and you have to need it if you are building you first home network, or you want to rebuild to be all wireless, you want to keep simple and easy installation .Now install a wireless router by using following method.

  • Always install your wireless router in a central location of a network and keep the computers closer to the router for better speed.
  • Now connect your router to a power outlet .normally all router support broadband modem but some of them support phone line and if you need a dial up support then for it you have to need a RS-232 serial port. A wireless router contain a built in access point so you can easily connect a wire to hub or switch.
  • Now select your network name which is called the SSID and all the computers used in network share the same SSID. By default router shipped with a name but for security reason you should change it .Then follow the documentation of router to enable web security, and turn on firewall.

Installing a Wireless Access Point

For Wi-Fi network install wireless access point and one access point supports one wireless local area network and you have to use it if you need additional features from wireless router, if you want to extend existing wired home Ethernet .You have to need at least for or more than wireless computers dispersed all through the home. Now install aces point by using following procedure

  • Start installation your access point from central location
  • Now connect dial up and power connection and then cable the access point to your LAN router, hub or switch.
  • Now set a network name and make enable WEP on access point.

Configuring the Wireless Adapters

After installation of router and access point you have to install Wi-Fi adapter which have need of TCP/IP be setting up on the host computer. Each adapter has their own configuration utilities and for windows adapter have their GUI accessible from the start menu after hardware installation. Now set the name SSID and turn on WEP or any other parameters .All adapter uses the same parameters for the setting of WLAN for appropriate functionality.

Configuring an Ad-Hoc home WLAN

For a Wi-Fi adapter you have to choose the mode that is the infrastructure also called access point and ad hoc mode called peer to peer. When you are using a wireless router configure each wireless adapter for infrastructure mode because it detects and set WLAN channels automatically which are best suit the router. If you are using ad hoc mode then you have to need a separate setting of channels. Ad hoc mode is best for home where only few computers are situated close to each other.

Configuring Software Internet Connection Sharing

Now after all necessary installation and configuration you can share your internet connection transversely an ad hoc network. Now appoint one of your computer as the host which has modem and be powered on whenever the network in use. ICS offering by Microsoft windows that works with ad hoc wireless local area network.

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