How iMode Technology works

I-Mode or information-mode is an exclusive feature of Japanese mobile phones launched by NTT Do Como in 1999. It is like an internet service available for 24 / 7 without disconnection. This is quite resemble with the WAP but still different because it totally has its own individual platform occupied by Do Como.

To get access to the I-mode facility it is necessary to have all the accessories. You need a mobile phone with the browser button. It should have services activation, server connectivity in an I-mode system. Previously computers were the clients to the internet service providers now the client has changed and mobile phone has taken its place. Not only the change in client but also the style of connectivity and accessibility has been changed since the Do Como launched it individual internet platform.

A normal website view on the wireless internet mobile is not good. To solve this problem Do Como designed information packets. These packets are the miniature form of normal website with little alterations. These websites are designed with appropriate resolution to display on the mobile screen without losing its impact.

To process your request to the I-mode access you must have a gateway. It is a gate pass to allow you to progress your request for the further applications. As I-mode is present in Japan so DoCoMo is providing this accessibility to their home Landers. There are different types of gateway to access the internet yet DoCoMo is the only one to access the internet through I-mode technology.

It is still not clear how this I-mode technology works? Let see as I said that I-mode is the miniature of normal internet it is because websites here are not using the language HTML but IHTML. Now the difference is only of small (I) which is totally changing the format of internet. Here comes the work of HTML developers. They better understand how to make compatible the HTML with iHTML. Removing some of the bold boundaries and additional tables and formatting from around the websites and HTML page can easily be converted into IHTML which can be download quickly instead of the slow connection of mobile. This IHTML is the specialty of this I-mode technology and are recognized as sites enabling I-mode features.

The website design in IHTML is becoming common and nearly every website supports the features of I-mode to provide the quality service to the customers using I-mode mobile phones. There are more than thousands official and unofficial websites are available through which you can download your desired data. Now here you do not need to pay for the time span of internet connectivity. The charges are only of the downloaded data.

I-mode mobiles have miniature form of browsing platform known as Net Front. All the services available to an I-mode user are displayed on the screen as contents like flight schedule, current affairs, forecast. This I-mode mobile enables mobile banking, access to the telephone directory, offered menu, and much more. It has an additional benefit of SSL protocol for the secure data transmission facility.

I-Mode at the time of launch was offering less than 10 kbps which has been increasing three times now. Another advantageous feature of this data packet technology is that it enables enough amounts of data to be downloaded. It is also supporting java application for gaming and interactive websites. This feature enables the entertainment chances as parallel to the information services. Other mobile tech companies are also coming up with the I-mode technology with variety of fun and knowledge features to facilitate the end user directly without outer involvement.

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