How EVDO Works

EVDO works with the help of establishing a modem connected with an antenna. There is only need to plug this device and you can do whatever you want either telephone or web surfing. It has the capacity of having 4 connection as well as USB for achieving service through IP address. A carrier named AAA is responsible for its management and gateway pass.

The procedure of EVDO is quite akin to the mobile network. It receives signals from a tower which is present in the locality. There is no need of wiring or cable system to access the service. EVDO is a wireless network that rendered its services by using other wireless towers. Contrary to mobile telephone service EVDO provides wireless internet. EVDO is a compatible technology that can works on 3G as well as 4G standards without suffering from any network problem.

A great advantage of having EVDO is that it functions as an independent Hotspot. There is only need to connect EVDO with your system and you are on the go with internet service.

EVDO while seeing its characteristics is akin to Wi-Fi Hotspot service. All the transmission is done by radio waves by achieving highest speed. Wherever EVDO service is present there is facility available to connect to the internet. It is like mobile internet.

It is supported by Verizon Wireless network and is among the principals of this technology. Steps have been taken since the demand for the wide area coverage is seen. Sprint network is also on its way to adopt EVDO technology. It will be available everywhere in the coming times to have it available like a 24 hours mobile phone service. It is expected to have this technology spread like hot cake as it is offering more demanding features put forth by the users.

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