Mobile technologies are introducing to enhance the users’ experience of communication and other applications. GSMA is one such origination that governs the networking of mobile all over the world. There are many different layering that comes under different disciplines. To manage all those discipline and to work for the modification and implementation of various new features in the GSM networking comes under the supervision of GSMA. The association controls the telephone system globally and completes the data transmission procedure and other multimedia applications further maintaining and managing of GSM technology is now the responsibility of GSMA.

The origin of GSM technology lies in 1982 but the association was established in 1995nearly more than a decade. It is a telephone technology that covers the path of telephone network. However association starts working and is having a joint venture to make the GSM technology universal and competent.

GSMA is an association of mobile operators and companies that governs the applications of phone and other important up gradation in specifications and standards.
GSM is not related to a confine part of web rather it is accessible to many parts of the world. There are many mobile companies that utilize this GSM technology in their mobiles. GSMA is for many users and nearly 700 mobile companies shake hand to joint venture for the enhancement of GSM technology.

Spreading all over the world these mobile organizations are present in different parts of the world. All the companies from different parts of the world take part in different activities of the organization to take one step ahead. Manufacturers, managers and other in charge of the specifications are all the parts of this association and individually take parts in the enhancement of the GSM technology.

GSMA is customer care organization. It deals with the roaming of mobile service to the areas where it is available and accessible. It provides complete customer satisfaction to their level and guide them how to better take the advantage of GSM technology.

It facilitates the users with roaming charges plan and its variation all around the world. It guides the customer what is the better way to use GSM. Also it updates the customer with upcoming new specifications and modifications. In any case if any change comes in the tariff plan GSMA is responsible to provide current information to the customers. GSM code of conduct comes under the management of GSMA. All the new offers regarding multimedia applications like MMS, SMS, etc. are broadcasted on mobile networks under the supervision of GSMA.

Being a 2G technology GSM is facing a sort o regression as it is unable to increase the range from 35km that is very less and demand is continuously increasing. GSMA is considering this problem and trying to resolve it to make GSM compete as it becomes necessary for the survival of GSMA technology. GSMA is a complete organization that is working in procedural way to support and manage all the present and upcoming variations in GSM technology.

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