Future of Wireless Technologies

No doubt wireless network is an amazing wireless technology which has totally changes the means of communication. There is no business, industry, project which can be progressed without the needs of wireless networks. Now a wireless network has become the significant option of any business because of its salient features like speed, security, mobility and Wi-Fi hotspot. Voice application like VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be only possible because of wireless network. Now wireless network has become the essential point of any network to make their customer more satisfied.

Wireless network, a world of magic

Wireless network a magic word which can change your status very promptly that can get access to internet very speedily, and make possible conversation more and more than two users such as text messages, downloading and uploading of pictures, hear online radio, music and video downloading with a very high speed. Wireless network offering hotspot therefore now the usage of internet at airport, business companies is not an issue now.

Uses of Wireless Technologies in Medical Science

With the development of science the profession of medicine becomes more and more complex and sophisticated. Therefore at this time we need a technology which can serve and solve all big complication in hurry for the benefit of patient and progress of science and for all above purposes and the solutions are Bluetooth, wireless network are the best application to solve all problems. The main applications of medical science are remote monitoring of patient, biometric data of wireless network, and dispensers applications.

Now the checking of certain body functions, print reports, and quick result of test all things possible only with wireless technology. Now doesn’t matter where you live because if you are suffered with a big illness then you can contact medical specialist doctors living other country discuss your illness and cure it. All type of measuring equipment’s, electrocardiograms and others which are used to get complete detail of body functional are allowing the doctor to measure and get convenient report via wireless technologies. Same as in dispenser’s applications any person delivers medicine if got any problem or confusion in patient then he will immediately contact to related doctor. Then can get advice and medicine dosage and could be attuned in actual time depend on the response of patient’s and for all these purposes biometric measurements can be used. Examples of monitoring are several such as checking of heart beat, blood pressure, checking blood flow rate, dissolve of oxygen, hovering residue, checking of acidity for various purpose and surety or presence of living organisms etc.

Uses of Wireless Technologies while Traveling

Every one is in hurry and wants to go at their destination on time or before the time. Every agency related to travel desire to offer more facility and better opportunities to their customers to make their travel business more profitable. Wireless technology has ability to fulfill all above requirements as like airline.

Air line industry included in such a large business industry or a journey without at ticket. Nowadays you can travel from one location to another location without any ticket or by electronic ticket. Check-in kiosks are a self service used at airport. Paper boarding is still issue in electronic tickets and Check-in kiosks refer to use credit card recurrently. Credit card used to identify the user. Through wireless communication a traveler may check his personal identity. A travel gets rid of them should be insert a card at terminal. Bluetooth also facilitates to store boarding card. Wireless technology also facilitates the airport with Wi-Fi hotspot through which any user exist in specified location of hotspot can get access to internet.

Uses of Wireless Technologies in Hotels

The uses of wireless technology in Hotels has been established in Hotel industry as a business show. The usage of wireless network in hotel is various such as via wireless network checking of hotel automatically is possible perhaps with the help of kiosk. Wireless network guest list may be retrieved and receive messages to provide room services. Wireless network is also helpful for many other hotel services as telephone, fax machine, printer, and internet etc. Wireless network is also offering the opportunity to use portable devices. Opening and closing of doors are also an illustration of wireless network.

Uses of Wireless Technologies in Business

Nowadays each and every type of business desire to get more profit from their business and wireless network helpful to do this. Because now there is no matter business is small or big because every one want to know about business what’s technologies used business company to serve their customer and because of this the first priority of each business is wireless network.

Uses of Wireless Technologies in Home Networking

The uses of wireless technology in home boost the user for their ease. IT provides much security rather than a wired network. There are no wires, cables, for irritation. Just configure your system and connect to internet. User can also convert it’s mobile into cordless phone. Wireless network is allowing you to use all devices that are used at office. A user may connect PDA’s with the wireless system to have fun and enjoy online radio, games, music, gossip, new etc.

Uses of Wireless Technologies in Mobile communication

Wireless network is most incorporated in mobile devices. Wireless network enable mobile technology to create text messaging, use built in cameras and color display. Through wireless network intelligence, multimedia approach, interconnection, transfers of data etc everything is in your range. The wireless technology offer new prospect in services such as competence, considerably which enhanced data rates and latency presentation.

Uses of Wireless Technologies in Voice communication

Wireless technology facilitates the user with voice communication method because before wireless technology user may conversant only by radio. But now two or more than user conversant each other in ease manners .They can talk send and receive messages via internet access.

Uses of Wireless Technologies in Remote Controls

The other technology offering by wireless network is remote control. There are many usage of remote control such as doorbell at home, TV, car remote, garage opener, heat pump, CD and DVD remote, games controller etc.

Uses of Wireless Technologies in Entertainment

Are you feeling bored and want something which entertain you then just choose wireless technology and get fun via games, home theatre, ear buds, headphone, and speaker.

Uses of Wireless Technologies in Navigation Systems

Wireless network is very popular among user because Navigation and Location facility which enable you to take radio signals. You can check the position of satellite. Through GPS can measure movement in bridge.

Uses Wireless Technologies in Quality Control Systems

Wireless network emphasized on all fields of human. A supplier care, skill and integrity are the basic of its company. Now by means of wireless you can track progress of your product and make your business more profitable. Shipping agent, producer, supplier all used wireless technology to maintain goods temperature.


When we talk about the sensors of wireless technology then a wide list of application list is appeared because it provide worth information. The vital signs from a house on fire can be monitoring and tracking of firefighters. Wireless network also use to provide water level of rivers to escape the people from flood. If any bridge overloaded then via wireless network monitoring structure immediately inform you.


Networking is a best and most in uses technology of wireless network. Through networking we can connect or attach two or more than two computer with each other by means of communication. The purpose of networking are the sharing of files, exchanging of data, share printers etc. There are different type of networking such as LAN, WAN, MAN, PAN, and cellular network etc. The future of wireless network looking more and more glow within passing day. Now there is no field where wireless network not in use.

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