What is EVDO

VDO is the 3G wireless standards. It has many different names ranging from EV-DO, or 1xEvDO and sometimes represent as 1XEV-DO. This standard revolutionized the speed and is therefore known as wireless broadband. EVDO stands for Evolution Data Optimized. The name tells why this standard is devised as there is constant increasing demand for maximum data optimization. EVDO also bears an official name as CDMA2000 that stands for high rate packet data air interface. The contestant technology to EVDO is W-CDMA belonging to same 3G standard.

Quality of telephone service and data transmission with high speed is the specification set for 3G standard to provide to the mobile users in which cellular technology is operated. Till 3G standards mobile phone networks were suffering from the speed limitation and narrow frequency bandwidth. EVDO comes as a Savior of these pitfalls facing by the cellular networks. This CDMA technology is devised by Qualcomm which try to remove these deficiencies.

CDMA is the technology that is based on cipher and deciphers method. In this method a sender sends message in a numeric form which when reached to the receiver is decipher into alphabetic manner. This method is not only secure but also fast.

3G EVDO revolutionized the concept of sending and receiving data / information. Instead of using old direct dialing method this wireless network adopt the IP based transmission. In this method data transforms first into small packets and transmit one by one. This is beneficial in a way that till the request is sent for data and bandwidth remain unused. Similarly in this mobile system till the user make a phone call bandwidth remains unused. Same is the case while requesting any online data.

EVDO is matching the high data speed of approximately 2.4 megabit/s that is provided by DSL modem and cable service. Two experiments are done to elaborate the speed and data transmission through EVDO with the help of video-conferencing and another is video-calling. In first experiment speed kept as 60 miles/h and in second experiment it is kept as 150 miles/h.

EVDO has a plus point as it can easily utilize the other networks especially CDMA. It was difficult to set up a total new platform for this technology. Thanks to the compatible mode of EVDO it runs on the same standard as CDMA. Still it is not popular among mobile users and majorly W-CDMA is entertaining the privilege as a wireless network.

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