What is Ethernet

Ethernet Network used for local area network that controls the transmitted data. It is based on frame networking came from the physical concept of Ether. There are various wiring and signaling standard used for physical layer in OSI model. Ethernet generally used as the name IEEE 802.3.It is also used for addressing and media access control at the data link layer. We can create a widest LAN technology by combination of twisted pair cable or coaxial cable for connectivity to end system along with fiber optic as a backbone. The use of Ethernet has been start from 1970’s and now there are many other devices came in market to compete it such as FDDI, ARCNET etc.

Ethernet Overview

Ethernet is a contacting protocol surrounded in hardware and software. Only Ethernet used as a single protocol therefore it has become the standard of local area network Generally LAN consist of following components such as two or more than two computer, Ethernet card, NIC card, Switch or Hub, and software of networking. The design of Ethernet is created by Xerox. The further augmentations of Ethernet are under the auspices of DEC and Intel. There are various devices connected to cables by means of communication throughout Carrier Sense Multiple Access. The method of Collision Detection also included in it. Generally Ethernet referred to as 10BASE-T. Ethernet network based on wires or cables but it could be wireless if you are using an Ethernet cable for connectivity of computers. The NIC card use radio waves with a switch or hub including small antenna when you are using wireless Ethernet.

Ethernet Features

  • Ethernet networkis a less expensive device produced high speed local area network .they can send and receive data at very high speed up to 300 feet telephone which are connected with each other via hub.
  • Ethernet network is a fast connectively protocol which have the ability to produce up to 10Mbps speed and if Ethernet designated as 100BASE-T the it can produced up to 100Mbps speed. If you are using Gigabit Ethernet then you can get up to 1000 Mbps speed .Almost all universities campus, colleges now days using Ethernet technology to build up a wide network based on Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Ethernet offering network with 10Base-T where you can used thin twisted pair cable, thick coaxial cable and fiber optic cable. All cables support different standards as twisted 10Base-t, coaxial 10Base2-t or 5 and Fiber 10BaseF. If you want to make a fast connection then uses 100BaseT twisted pair cable and 100BaseF fiber optic cable.
  • The discrete frames are used for data transformation through Ethernet. The length of data is 64 to 1518 bytes with obligatory 18 bytes used for header and CRC.
  • Ethernet facilitate the user that operated devices equally and separately because there is no need of any controlling device.
  • Ethernet offering you a variety of data type such as telecommunication protocols TCP, Internet protocol as IP, Apple talk and IPX
  • Ethernet have lots of abilities therefore it is a most commonly used. It provides access to internet under DOS because it has a packet driver program. Ethernet also support Novell client and provide an interface which is called ODI. All companies such as Microsoft, IBM etc support Ethernet and it is also a narrative choice of window.
  • Ethernet also secure your data with detect collision. When you are using Ethernet then the fear loss of data vanished. If any one attempts on your network all devices stop processing immediately and wait until user attempt to transmit again.

Ethernet offering you to build a network and share your resources not only in a same building might you are exist any corner of the world. Ethernet facilitate you to talk each other, share your resources like printer, files etc from all over the world at very high speed.

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