What is EDGE Technology – Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution

EDGE technology is an extended version of GSM. It allows the clear and fast transmission of data and information. EDGE is also termed as IMT-SC or single carrier. EDGE technology was invented and introduced by Cingular, which is now known as AT& T. EDGE is radio technology and is a part of third generation technologies. EDGE technology is preferred over GSM due to its flexibility to carry packet switch data and circuit switch data.

EDGE technology

EDGE is termed as backward compatible technology; backward compatible technology is that technology which allows the input generation of older devices. EDGE technology is supported by third generation partnership projects; this association helps and supports the up gradation of GSM, EDGE technology and other related technologies. The frequency, capability and performance of EDGE technology is more than the 2G GSM Technology. EDGE technology hold more sophisticated coding and transmission of data. EDGE technology can help you connect to the internet. This technology supports the packet switching system. EDGE develops a broadband internet connection for its users. EDGE technology helps its users to exploit the multimedia services .EDGE technology do not involve the expense of additional hardware and software technologies. It only requires the base station to install EDGE technology transceiver. EDGE technology is an improved technology which almost supports all the network vendors. All they have to do is to upgrade their stations. EDGE technology has its edge because it can make use of both switch circuit technology and packet circuit technology. EDGE technology is also believed to support EGPRS or in other words enhanced general packet radio service. It is important to have GPRS network if one wants to use EDGE technology because EDGE can not work without GSM Technology. Therefore it is an extended version of GSM Technology.

Differences between GSM Technology and EDGE Technology

As an extended version to GSM Technology, EDGE is alike GSM. EDGE technology and GSM technology have identical symbol rate, because EDGE does not require any supplementary hardware and software .there is a minor difference in both technologies when it comes to modulation. EDGE technology is three times faster than ordinary GPRS.EDGE provides three times faster access to data as compared to GSM Technology alone.

Advantages of EDGE Technology

For the upper five modulation layers EDGE Technology uses 8 PSK. There is a three bit phase carrier. This triples the gross data rate for GSM Technology. The travels in a rapid speed over the network. This allows for the convenient and proficient flow of data. The access to the internet and wireless access points is easy. The multimedia messages and short message services are carried much faster as compared to the GSM. The data to the sender and receiver is transferred quickly. EDGE technology has provided the viable growth to the internet and mobile phone operators and subscribers. EDGE technology is the only technology that has provided the Mold Cell user to make use of most advance multimedia services. This technology offers services as video downloads netsurfing and browsing. The technology is much easier for the people to use, who used GPRS and GSM at large. The latest mobile phone sets turn to the enhanced data rates for GSM Technology easily.

The use of EDGE technology has augmented the use of black berry, N97 and N95 mobile phones. EDGE transfers data in fewer seconds if we compare it with GPRS Technology. For example a typical text file of 40KB is transferred in only 2 seconds as compared to the transfer from GPRS technology, which is 6 seconds. The biggest advantage of using EDGE technology is one does not need to install any additional hardware and software in order to make use of EDGE Technology. There are no additional charges for exploiting this technology. If a person is an ex GPRS Technology user he can utilize this technology without paying any additional charges.

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